Little Teacup by Ronan

In a very small garden, someplace in Northern Ireland, there was a very small teacup. This teacup was made of very delicate porcelain and had a gold band inside and out. It was dug into the ground and stood slightly tilted. The handle was chipped and the rim was cracked. By the look of it, it was very fragile. It had been tilted for years in the very same place, but the question remains: Is it  from another dimension or is there is a saucer to go with it which is hidden in some other place?

Soccer Trainer by Ronan

My father is a very popular soccer trainer.  Everybody in the community  knows him. He is in charge of the team, the tactics and the training.  He never changes the team because he thinks the team is perfect. But what if I was in charge? I would put 1 person in goals and put everybody else near the other goals to score lots of goals. Maybe if he quits I will have to be in charge and pick the teams and make the tactics. Well he should be coach for another while. Or maybe until next year when I will be 4 years old. No wonder everyone called me the child with big dreams.

Charlie Brown by Ronan

Charlie Brown. That is the name of my goldfish because he is very unfortunate. He was once saved by my sister because her cat was slowly chewing on him. Another time Charlie somehow got stuck in the gutter and slipped down the ladder my father was using to get on the roof. But luckily landed in my glass of water. But the most exiting adventure Charlie has ever been on was probably today. My brother and I were on our see-saw and my brother stupidly went into the kitchen and grabbed the fishbowl and put it on the see-saw. My brother jumped onto the other side of the see-saw and flew. He flew over the bush and into the field behind our house, never to be seen again.

TREEMEN by Ronan

In the clearing park in 2018,the tree men were born. They were made from the small twigs you find on the ground near the trees. They were trained to defend the mighty oak. They would camouflage among all the trees and if someone came anywhere near the mighty oak, they would attack. One day they were getting tired of standing there all day and they were ready for bed when a tree cutter came up to the mighty oak. They all jumped out and were in their positions. What will happen next?