FREEDOM wk#28 by Ronan

To big people, it just looks like a small, peeled twig with a leaf attached to the top of it but to me it is my boat. I, Ant Lookup, will travel down the stream of consciousness to find nothing but pride and honour. I will put all my effort into sailing my boat down the long stream nobody has travelled before. People have tried but have not succeeded. I will do more than travel down but I will walk back up along the side. I was ready, ready as I will ever be. Just as I sat on the boat I heard a cawing sound. The word went down my spine like an icy finger… birds.

DON’T DO IT wk#26 by Ronan

We were running behind time. The traffic would have already built up. My alarm didn’t go off (or I just slept through it).  I was the one who wanted to go but Dad had to drive me. But the most devastating event happened. We couldn’t get past the train tracks and we were first in line. A vein was popping out from Dad’s forehead and he was grinding his teeth. I was also cross. I was so cross that I was thinking of skipping over the tracks. But dad must’ve known what I was thinking of doing because he locked the door.

ABANDONED wk#25 by Ronan

Chandeliers lit the halls. Romanesque arches in the walls from the entrance to the exit. The dark brown door frames and the blurred glass pane. The candy bar abandoned with no cashier or clerk. The same majestic design covering the whole run-down building. The checkered floor, the red carpet stair way. Every thing in this dilapidated building was  beautiful. It became more beautiful with age. But what if this site was renovated? All its wonder and beauty gone, to be replaced by something as mediocre as a shopping mall. The only good thing to be made was a museum of all the priceless artifacts.


Bruno came home from school to find Maria, the maid, packing his belongings. He would always play with his three best friends, Karl, Daniel and Martin. Gretel,Bruno’s sister, was also moving to a new house. This was even worse for Bruno along with the rest of his family. They had a get-together at the house for a last goodbye. Their house in Berlin was perfect to Bruno but they had to move due to their fathers job. Bruno wasn’t so sure what his job was but he had a big office so it must be important. Bruno had to lose everything: his friends, his house, his school and his grandparents. After moving Bruno was as bored as a blind guy watching a silent movie. He had nothing to do and no-one to play with. There, in the new house, they had a chef called Pavel. He trained as a doctor before he became a chef. Behind the fence of the house was an open forest. One day Bruno went off into the woods to find a fence, a fence of barb wire. The fence went around the circumference of a concentration camp. OUT-WITH. But Bruno didn’t know that at first, until he met Shmuel. From that day on Bruno would go to Shmuel to do different things each day. They would discuss differences between each others life. Once the dug a hole to get Shmuel out. Once that was done, they ran.

THAT’S JUST UNLUCKY wk#23 by Ronan

Walliam wasn’t superstitious. It was Easter and it was Walliam’s favourite red-letter-day. On his way home he walked under a ladder because he knew he wasn’t going to get 7 years bad luck. He strolled down the pavement to his house to find his skateboard snapped in half. He ran inside crying with a sinking feeling inside. The day couldn’t get worse… but it did. He went to count his money to see if there was enough for a new skateboard only to find it empty. He asked his family if they knew where all his coins were. They didn’t. It wasn’t the ladder, it couldn’t have been.

A MISTAKE…. A BIG ONE TOO wk#22 by Ronan

It has been three hours since we left the house and we still haven’t made it. We decided to stop to eat and use the bathroom. We planned on going to a restaurant later with the family so we didn’t eat much. I shouldn’t have gone to wash my hands. I sprinkled some salt and plopped some red sauce on the side and planned on drizzling some vinegar over it when I came back. After coming back from the bathroom everyone was laughing  and the vinegar was open. I assumed someone used some for themselves. I poured a slight bit of vinegar over the chips but the vinegar was too sharp. It was so bitter I couldn’t breathe.

LEFT EMPTY WK#21 by Ronan

The big Dublin City. Busy shops packed with people and streets full of babies, grown ups and children. Even with tidy businesses with clean shelves and storage rooms, things still get lost. Take this small, fluffy teddy bear neatly tied with a crimson red ribbon. This teddy bear is, to you, only filled with stuffing, but it is not. It is lonely, with other feelings inside. Lonely and empty. Overall just disappointed until his owner, a small little girl who goes by the name of Grace, came to pick him up. He was no longer disappointed. They went home together.

THE LOUD HOUSE wk#20 by Ronan

My house was never quiet for a minute. With one sister bringing friends over all the time and the other watching videos with the volume at full blast. One played music all the time and the other screamed her head off when she sees a spider. It wasn’t just the house, it was the whole estate. The  house on my left had 10 children and the one on the right was owned by teenagers who held big parties  all the time. Most of the time it is actually good music but today it was completely out of tune. It was horrible.


Eggs. Out of anything they could’ve been throwing at each other it was eggs. After I have finished the washing, Gerald comes back in with stains all over his clothes. I was about to make scrambled eggs, just to find the eggs in the fridge gone. I was wondering where they went. After Gerald went for his shower and after I washed the clothes again, Gerald came up to say he couldn’t get the yolk out of his fringe which would be flickering as he shook his head. He would have to get it cut. Would it ever grow back?



  If you were to say  that someone was a red-head, you would expect them to have red hair but not the terracotta tribe. They all had actual red-heads. These Chinese warriors were on their way to Australia. Once under the Harbour Bridge they would be there. They were against the Ozzies in their native homelands. The view was wonderful. Palm trees surrounding the perimeter, the clear blue sky and the majestic Sydney Opera House. As the fight began, the terracotta tribe did nothing but surrender. The Ozzies dropped their weapons and started to walk over to the terracotta tribe. Fake surrender.

ESCAPE ROOM wk#17 by Ronan

Tom, Selma, Ben and Ethan were going to an escape room. Ethan had won a prize to go with 3 friends. On Saturday, 19th of January, the four children went off to the warehouse full of different escape rooms. Ethan’s dad, John, drove them all there. They were asked at the front counter what theme of room they would like. They agreed on the basic murder mystery. Half way through the hour they had, Selma went to the fake fire place, looking for clues. Suddenly there was a scream. Selma was gone. But how could she just disappear like that?

SET SAIL wk#16 by Ronan

I looked like a total fool, riding around town on my sister’s bicycle. It wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t bright pink. As I went around the park, I hit a pothole which sent me flying into the muddy grass. Cycling home, I started going up and down. The wheel popped. My parents forced me into the bath, full to the brim with bubbles. In the bath, my toy pirate fell overboard.

“Fire the cannons!” I said to myself, as if I was the captain of the ship. Everyone fired the  cannons but the barrels were empty.

LIGHTNING by Ronan wk16

The lightning struck. It flashed as bright as if you were staring at the sun. It was a wild goose chase with the people looking for their children in the village as it was set on fire by the lightning. Of course this wasn’t actually happening now. It was all just a movie I was watching in the cinema. As the film ended, I dashed towards the exit door. When I got to it someone was  already there. As he walked out the door he looked bewildered. The light blinded him. He started groaning wearily. I had to get help.

CHRISTMAS DREAM by Ronan wk#14

This day last year was Christmas Day. My two brothers and I were running downstairs to open our presents. We ran down the stairs and into the living room to find no presents. And that wasn’t everything. The Christmas tree was laying down on the floor in pieces, the couch was upside down with drawings and scratches with fluff coming from them. The light shade was broken with the light bulb on the floor and the mantle piece was split in half with the pictures and decorations in the fireplace.  It was like I was seeing stars. Just then I woke up.

RUNNING RIDING by Ronan wk#13

To Braz and Chil the path was endless. Their quads were going to be going at full speed on the longest, hardest,  bumpiest path of the country. All of this was just in the fields behind their back yard. One day the two boys sprinted over to the bike shed to find that their quads were missing. They heard the quads in the distance. Nobody was on them. It was as if the bikes had ghosts riders. They sped over to  catch the bikes but they were exhausted when they got the starting line. They were gone.

FAMOUS by Ronan wk#12

The horse racing was beginning at our local racetrack and my family went to enjoy our Sunday. At the track there was a sign on the gate saying that the races were being recorded to be on television at seven o’clock tonight. When the races ended at five, my family walked over to the car to drive home. At home my family sat down on the couch to watch the racing which we had already seen today. While watching it, we noticed something small in the corner of the screen, we seemed to be on television. I was famous.

OLD AND ANCIENT Week#11 by Ronan

In 1940 during World War II, a young called Plunket was cycling home when something strange happened. While he was cycling he heard a very strange, loud noise. It sounded like a wolf or a lion. Without hesitation, Plunket dropped the bike and ran home. He dropped the bike on to a little branch sticking out of the ground. Years later, the bike was fully submerged in the tree. All animals of the wood tried and tried again to get the bike out. None were successful. For me, it was a shot in the dark  but when I pulled it, it slipped right out.

RAGE Week #10 by Ronan

I was running down the road sprinting as fast as I could until the road ended. It all started at the zoo. It wasn’t all my fault but it still happened. I was with my family for a day trip. The sun was yellow and the sky was blue. We were just leaving the monkeys when something red caught my eye. The brightest, biggest red button I have ever seen. The temptation got to me. I had to press it. It opened all the pretty little monkeys cages. But it also opened the gorilla habitat door. They broke through the wall made of bricks and started chasing me.


It was the most complex thing  I had ever seen. A corridor full of doors, all different shapes and colours. But which one should I take? I settled on the green triangle because I didn’t have much time. They were chasing me. Past the door was another corridor full of even more doors. It kept going on for a solid ten minutes until I was left with just one door. The blue circular door was creaking and shivering. I wondered what was behind the door but the curiosity got the better of me. They had finally found me. Oh no!

THE PICTURE by Ronan week #7

They surrounded me.  I had nowhere to go. I came all the way  up the majestic mountain to get a picture of the beautiful view. On the way up I found a stream with a boat tied to the boardwalk. I hopped aboard not knowing what was aboard with me. A loveliness of ladybirds. Though they were lovely, they were angry. They chased me up the mountain at supersonic speed. Once at the top I took two things, a picture and a rest. The ladybirds picked me up and they carried me a few inches. YEET! They threw me off the cliff.

GET OUT! by Ronan week 6

It was Friday night and the kids were out. It was the perfect time to take a well deserved bath. The boiling, bubbling and scented water was ready for me to dive in.

“GET OUT OF THERE! screamed Máire at the top of her lungs.

“OUT OF WHAT?” I screamed back slightly louder and more aggressive. THE BATH!” exclaimed Máire,”IT’S GOING TO EXPLODE!”

Even though it was water, it did. They were yet to become homeless. The firefighters came at supersonic speed to the house. One fire fighter came over to them sadly. Every thing was destroyed. Others danced as they cried. Máire clumsily  slipped over their only food, an old orange peel. They had nothing.

Train Wreck Week 5 by Ronan

Initially, it was just a train ride, and I didn’t expect what was yet to come. As I plunged onto the little, single person, silk couch, the ground shook the mantle piece and made a small lego man, standing tall, fall over. It reminded me of a time when I was on another train. The tracks were supposed to be closed but they were not. The solar- powered train, going at the speed of light, on the hottest day of the year in Italy, was about to stop. It was too late. My life was ruined. Never to walk again.

The Shrub by Ronan week 4

In the depths of the forest, the three kings of the jungle, a ram , a horse and a bull were on an adventure. At first, the journey began at the river. They went around the jungle,wandering over yonder. Soon they came on the first problem, the cliff. They turned around to find a path none of them ever went before. During the walk down the path they heard a strange noise coming from the shrub next to them. A tall but fat man jumped out at the warriors holding an awkward mauve coloured weapon. He shot each of them one by one. They began to turn to stone.

The Axle by Ronan. Week 3

In the very small town of Hellswinky, everything was run by goats walking in circles every day 24/7. The goats were spinning a wheel which spun on an axle. The axle ran all the power in Hellswinky. But one day someone looked at the axle. It looked almost the same but it seemed to be going backwards. The power stopped. If it wasn’t moving clockwise it wouldn’t work. Until suddenly SNAP! The axle broke in half. The Hellswinkyans went mad. Most of them moved to different countries or died of pure boredom. Hellswinky was then renamed Helsinki.

PIGEON by Ronan

Chad said he would be home for dinner. He wasn’t. Many,many years ago, Chad went out into the woods to climb some trees when he stupidly decided to hop from tree to tree like a monkey. When suddenly, ZAP! He grabbed onto a cable. Meanwhile, back at Chad’s house his mother was getting worried. It was getting dark and Chad wasn’t home. His mother set out into the woods looking for him. He was never found. Generations later a little pigeon was sitting on the street light. The hands holding the cable were there in the middle of the street.  His dinner got cold.


I was really excited about the day ahead of me. I was going to Spook Town for my friend Tom’s birthday party. I was being dropped off by Tom himself with another few friends in the car with us. We finally got there  and agreed to go on the roller coaster first before the line got longer. The rollercoaster was called the RollerGHOSTer  because it was in Spook Town. It looked amazing with all the tunnels and loops. I was really excited until it started moving. Afterwards I felt like I was going to be sick. We then walked over to the haunted house. The instructor told us the rules but I didn’t understand the instructions because I was still really dizzy from the RollerGHOSTer. I ended up getting sick after all in the haunted house. Nobody else knew because they all thought it was fake vomit.

WEEK 29, Sorrow Sunday by Ronan

At dawn, Misty went out for a Sunday morning jog when something very strange suddenly happened. Misty shouted as loud as possible before her death.

Three days later on Wednesday all of Misty’s family and friends watched with possibly the rest of the town – Misty’s coffin was carried to her grave.

Back at the crime scene at the street of Misty’s house was a stream of crimson coloured blood all dried out as a stain on the footpath. Who killed her? –  nobody knows from then on. And the dried out stream of the crimson coloured blood is still there today.

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

The Bottom Half by Ronan

From the heavens, a giant baby dropped half of  it’s creation: a doll. This doll was made from sticks for legs and conkers for  two feet. The joint was stuck to the tree and the soles of the two feet were planted into the ground. But where could the other half be? Could it still be in the heavens, or could it be doing a headstand deep under the sea?  No matter where it was, the giant baby wasn’t  going to be happy. If there was thunder and lightning that night, you know now where it was coming from. It was obviously the giant baby crying.

Runners! By Ronan

In Grimsbrough, two men ran from the police in connection with the murder of Rosa  Wolf. The two men, Ash Gibson who is a part of the Vipers and Bord April. Some of the police cars stopped to look at the murder and the rest kept going after the runners. Bord April stupidly left the weapon, a knife, at the crime scene so now the police had fingerprints of the two of them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to get away. They finally gave up. They surrendered. The runners have stopped running.