Week#4: My Teacher Is The Devil…By Sean

One amazing, sunny day our nice teacher was ill and so we got a substitute teacher.

Now if you thought your teacher was bad, this one was the worst.

She made us clean the classroom until the place was as shiny as a  diamond.

After school, I tried to fly my rocket but when it just wouldn’t take off, she caught us flying the rocket to visit our old teacher.

When  we saw what happened to our teacher we were very upset.

There was a doctor and he said that she was diagnosed with cancer.


Week #3: “Cursed Street.”By Sean

I liked my new yellow bicycle.

Well until my friends warned me not to go through CURSED Street.

Any time I say the name of the place, I feel a shiver go down my spine.

But it was the fastest way to school.

Then a man jumped out and pushed me off my bicycle and  a dog locked on to my leg.

I screamed with desperate pain.

Then with all my strength, I ran away home and I never went there  again and I still remember the dog greedily devouring my shoe.

I hope that no one will go there again……


Week2: Clowns Aren’t that Funny By Sean

There was a circus in town and I could not go because I was sick. There was a red balloon. As soon as I saw light it was gone. I felt myself being pushed. There was a clown and a dog, a weird funny dog, and there was a loud laugh. And  then everything stopped and then I saw what was pushing me all this time. It was a clown and his name was Pennywise the dancing clown. Then I woke up and it was all a dream…….


Week 1: Men In Black by Sean

One day two men in black were standing with a flag and they were talking  about the war. They were having some fun and laughed   at me when I walked past them. One of them asked, “Are you homeless?”

I was so I said yes. They laughed even harder. They were the bullies that hit my dad. So I said that bullying is not right because karma is real and they were wrong.  They got pushed into mud and they were not happy and I won the lottery. My dad and I were so happy we bought a new house and lived happily ever after.