Week:20 The Home Strait. By Shane C.

It was Grand National Day and I sat on my horse at the start. A huge crowd had gathered around the track at Aintree, to watch this race of 52 horses which was surely going to be pure carnage.

The flag dropped and we were off and the noise of hooves thundering against the grass began. 52 horses and jockeys jumped at the first fence but only 45 made it to the other side.


As we headed towards the home straight only 20 horses with jockeys remained and I was up at the front. We were moving very fast when suddenly one of the loose  horses crossed over in front of us. My beauty followed him as he led us towards the railings. The dream was over!

Week 15 The Saviour Man and Race Horse by Shane C

In the beginning, Waltishire had been a strong village with a strong community. However, this great vibe soon ended with the terrible outbreaks of wars. Starstruck after many bombing the people tried to rebuild the village but to no avail was it. Wiltshire was now destroyed and was just a place where a person without a shilling would go to the village hoping for something but not even knowing what they were hoping. The answer to this poverty was to be a man and his racehorse who had many triumphs. With their great amount of cash they rebuilt the village and today it stands untouched but still, no visitors come here.

Week 10:Fish in Troubled Waters. By Shane C.

We sat in the car aboard the ferry, all we could do now was hope for the best. The hounds walked around sniffing for something unaccustomed. I sat in the front seat trembling with fear, knowing what was under my seat. One million euro worth of illegal ammunition was lying under my feet.

Only 2 days ago I had asked the question,”But where would we hide it all?” I still didn’t think that this was the greatest idea.

Unanticipatedly the hounds began to loiter in our vicinity. I braced myself. Without warning came the pandemonium of hounds  barking. Now we were fish in troubled waters.

Week 9:Skiddy Fran Cisco. By Shane C.

People that visit Skiddy Fran Cisco have been visiting Pie Lane for an eternity and will be until hell freezes over. Today something peculiar was going on at Pie Lane. Today you couldn’t even see a small potato in the city but I was there and less than ten minutes ago my parents and I had began walking down this lane together.

If I had thought that I was going to get lost I would have believed that the cause would have been the flooding crowds blocking my vision. Unexpectedly I heard a voice call out, calling my name. Subsequently I had an epiphany: I had walked through a portal when entering this lane and now I was invisible and trapped, perhaps forever.