Week 14 The Great Ape Escape By Shane F

“That’s it. We need to get out!” I shouted.

There were 30 of us apes in the van going to Dublin zoo . I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to be free . The idiot van driver left the keys of the van on the floor. I reached the key and unlocked my cage and unlocked the thirty others. Suddenly we ran rapidly into the drivers area and grabbed the steering wheel.

CRASH! We hit a wall but luckily nobody was hurt . We ran into a conference hall. Men in formal suits sat there, taken aback by a horde of monkeys . I jumped onto an empty chair and threw the laptop away . We were rapidly causing havoc . “Security!” One man shouted . Security ran in. What were we going to do ……..?

Week 12 The Attack By Shane F

It was a normal day on the galactic military’s star ship Zephyr . It was one of the most advanced ships in the fleet . It was armed with 90 ion turrets batteries, 56 laser cannons and much more . I was Captain James Adams and I was personally leading the next mission to assault on the Federation controlled world of Antaria.

I was eating a sandwich in my quarters looking at a picture of butterflies on the wall . Suddenly “Alert,Alert all galactic Marines get ready for assault on Antaria.” The robotic voice boomed . I ate the rest of my sandwich got my armour and blaster and hurried to the main bridge . Some men were as white as paper but I was very energetic . I never noticed how fast we got there but it was impressive . But I had to get ready for war.


Week 10 The Trade Bye Shane F

We were driving through the rough Registan desert in Afghanistan . A gargantuan cloud of dust was forming behind our convoy . I was in the lead truck of the convoy . We were selling our biggest amount of weapons to our richest client ever . We didn’t want to get caught . These type of things went well. Usually .

I wondered if we were in danger of being caught where would we hide it all . I had a rifle on my lap just in case things went south . If this went well I could move myself and my family into the bigger city and get a better job than being a criminal . Two hours later we arrived . Our clients had erected a camp and were waiting for us . The men saw us. They immediately started firing at us . My truck was first to get attacked. My attempts to escape were feeble . Suddenly everything was dark.

Week 9 Ghostly Survivers By Shane F

Thursday 25th of April 1943: it was the peak of World War Two . London was being bombed severely . Mr and Mrs Harper lived in George’s Street . They were very patriotic. Mr Harper served in WW1 . Now he was too old to fight . It was a normal night but suddenly the claxons sounded .

The two rushed out into the street going to the nearest air raid bunker . Boom boom they kept running and running through the streets of London . The lights were shutting off, they didn’t see anything. BOOM! A bomb landed next to them, killing the two instantly . Now people claim to see their ghosts floating around the WW2 memorial in London.