The Robbery by Shane 6th 100 wc

It was an extremely cold and dark morning today. It was the day of the solar eclipse. We were on our way to the supermarket for this week’s shopping. We were standing outside the shop and we heard a load of shouting. We rushed in. I saw one man, a robber,  and I drop kicked him in the face and my cousin took out another one and my dad took out 2 of them. We were told to take what we wanted so we did. We went home and sat down to watch TV and we seemed to be on the television. We were all so excited and known worldwide.



The Athletic Man Week 6 By shane h

Happy New Year!! Every one shouted -finally 2018 is here.  We filled the BATH with confetti.  My great Grandfather 92-year-old Tim  was a young fighter in world war 2. He was clumsily dancing on the dance floor. His dance was called Orange Justice.  He was an athletic man for his age and he lives alone so we said we would invite him to our house for once.

5 4 3 2 1 it’s time –  we rang apache pizza and got takeaway OUR first ever takeaway of 2018 and we loved it.

                                The End

The Farmhouse By Shane H week 4

It was in the 25th century today but like the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. All animals were going to be frozen in Ireland. At midday a crack of thunder filled the air. It was 2458. Every bodies death wish. The thunder made a force field around one farm house. All of the animals in that farm house would have to supply all of Ireland. Every other farm animal in Ireland would be frozen to concrete, unbreakable concrete at that. It was like a famine but worse. No supplies/No population. Ireland was at its last.


On The Day By Shane H week 3

We were on the way to the Kanturk Soccer Semi-final.  About half way there our car broke down and we had stopped the car on a hill called the Magic Hill but it seemed to be going up the hill. Then we researched the history of this hill near Abbyfeale. If you stop on this hill a magnetic pull will make you roll up the hill. Then we called the mechanic to fix the car and he did. We went all the way to the final and brought it home and went on to win the league.


The School Tour week 2 Shane H

We were travelling to our destination in Texas. We were going on a visit to an Alligator Centre. We had a mauve- coloured bus. On the way there we made a few stops: 1 for the shop, 2 because my friend got sick . At long last we made it. The teacher counted us as we left the bus to walk 1 mile to the entrance. As we entered after the long walk we had to climb over a gate. It was a very tricky wall to climb as there were a lot of big holes in it. That’s all except for looking at alligators.

Week 29: Titanic By Shane O’M

Sitting in the Uber on the way to the docks                                            where the Titanic awaits for us.                                                                  Everyone shouting impatiently in the line.                                            “Everyone make you’re way on to the ship”                                    shouted captain Misty.                                                                                  Still sitting in the Uber waiting for the rain to stop.                        Billy looking out the window at the graveyard                                    calling out what every headstone says.                                                      The rain stopped

We ran as fast as we could –  we reached captain Misty “room 68” she roared.   We frantically run until our faces turned Crimson………….

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

The Money in the Gutter by Shane OM week 23

Last weekend as I slowly walked down the brown road near a river full of goldfish I came across a friend from school. As Dara and I walked back to my house, we planned to play Fortnite Battle Royal. And we did until my little brother Alex came into MY ROOM which I don’t like at all.

But anyway he came in and took Dara’s money and threw it out the open window that led to a gutter where the money got stuck .

As of today it is still stuck in the dirty gutter. Hopefully we will get it back soon and return it to Dara.

Some Weird Riot in the Shane OM.

”But why Mom? Why do we have to go for a daft old walk in that old run down park with half burnt and chopped down trees,”said I.

After all that talk of course we had to go to the park for a boring walk but at least we would be back in about half an hour I’d hope.

As we were walking we saw a riot of small tree men who attacked. They came from China. They’re here for pay back and they are not happy as we can see as we got taken into there saucer and then……

12/12/17 My Boss by Shane Healy

My boss is a very emotional monkey. Last night at work he had a mac book and he watched something that made him aggressive. So he threw his macbook and it got smashed. He got even more aggressive than he was before. So I, being kind, went in to him and tried to calm him down. I made him even worse so he bit my finger off. I went to hospital and had it sewn back on. Thankfully I’m now better than ever and somehow my boss got over his tantrum. He said “I’m sorry for what I did.” I accepted it and we’re getting on fine now.