The Maze by Stephen Week 10

I backed around the corner and began running. It was a pretty scary sight.  Seeing those gorilla-like eyes had freaked me out completely. Glancing back briefly, I saw that the weird men were beginning to chase. They had the upper hand though. I had been blindfolded walking through the maze. Suddenly a bright yellow light shone into my eyes. I raised my hand slightly to shield my eyes… and then I heard it. Something fell in the distance and then they all began to fall. I just kept running, aware of bricks falling around me. Just then I saw a door and jumped.

The Australian Leprechaun by Stephen Week 9

I wandered down towards the rainbow house, planning in my head what to say. Legend has it that if you charm the person who lives there that he or she will give you a wish. My plan was to charm the person there and then ask for a genie. I wondered what was behind the door as I approached it. I rang the doorbell and three seconds later the door opened. There was nobody there. I looked down and there it was… a leprechaun.

We looked at each other for a few seconds before he said one word: “G’day.”

I ran away from the house and never went near it again.

Johnny The Lego Man by Stephen

Johnny the lego man was about to do what every lego character dreamed of. Johnny would cross… the garden! Many had tried and failed. All the population of Lego City were watching from the window sill, watching  anxiously. Johnny was about a metre away from breaking the world record. All that stood in his way was a large group of ladybirds. Johnny struggled through them with his camera and backpack. He was 10 centimetres away and everybody began to cheer. SPLAT! A child had stood on half the ladybirds as well as poor Johnny. The lego population decided to put a memorial stone  where he died.

The Thing I Forgot by Stephen

” Damn it” I shouted as my car broke down again. My real car was being repaired so I had to borrow a car from the garage. I was beginning to panic as I had an appointment in Bath in 50 minutes. I clumsily kicked the car and it revved up again. I got in and put my foot down on the pedal. I passed a group of scots as they danced around an orange poster of a famous fighter from Scotland. “What a weird bunch, ” I thought to myself as I came to the border control. I reached into my back pocket to take my passport when I realised that I had forgotten something… a pack of cigarettes.

The Haunted House by Stephen

I glanced back briefly before turning my attention back to the dimly lit corridor. I had been stupid enough to take up a dare my friends had challenged me to. All I had to do was walk through the haunted house and they said they’d give me a tenner. It reminded me of the time when I used to love reading books but now I felt like I was in one. I kept walking until I came to a dead end. I was about to turn around when I heard a rumbling noise above my head. At first I just stood there but when a tile landed centimetres away from my head I snapped out of my daze and looked for somewhere to hide.

World War 3 by Stephen

It was the day when everything would change. It began with an animal killing a man. When people heard the news a riot began. World War 3 had begun. It was animals vs humans. The humans were favourites but as usual their cockiness lost them the battle. The animals learned to speak and took control of the world. If I’m being honest, I’m happy that the animals won. They have stopped global warming and everybody is kinder now. In the centre of the world, there are three statues dedicated to the leaders of the animals: The Ram, The Horse and the The Bull.

BOB by Stephen Wk 3

I had done it. I had created the world’s greatest robot. It would do anything you asked it to. I had named it BOB. I was about to begin testing when my phone began to flash. I ignored it and started testing.

“BOB, come over here!” I commanded.

The robot turned on but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Ma I ereh, ” BOB said once he had reached me.

I stared at him in disbelief. I thought for a second and then asked him to get me my sandwich.

” Ko ,” BOB said and then fetched it. This was amazing.

The Pit by Stephen

Thomas rounded the corner, panting for breath. He began to run at full belt down the cobbled paths. He could hear the giant’s booming voice as he took another corner. Thomas knew the city inside out and was heading towards the construction site. He glanced back briefly and saw that the giant was gaining on him with every step he took. He headed towards the cement pit. He leaped onto a wooden plank running across the pit. When he reached the other side he heard the giant roar. He looked back and saw the giants hands gripping onto a metal pole. Thomas turned, grinned and began to walk home.

Stick Man by Stephen

Stick Man stumbled past some trees, glancing from side to side. Stick Man came from the Sticky Galaxy where metal was scarce. Stick Man decided to go on a mission to search for metal. He found his way to Milky Way Galaxy and ventured on his way to Earth. He stopped for a split second before his mouth fell open. There it was metal! Stick Man rushed over to the truck and started loading his spaceship with it. Stick Man was dreaming about what he would do with the metal when he heard someone shout. “Get back here you scumbag!” roared the man. Stick Man tried to run but he was stuck.

Never again 100WC by Stephen

I limped down the broken streets of Galway. Each house had been torn apart all because of one stupid decision by Captain Short (who was actually quite tall). Thousands had died over a couple of words, but what if I was in charge? I wouldn’t have declared war against Britain and I most certainly wouldn’t have called the British lazy… on live tv! I was forced to fight in the war. I somehow made it out alive. From that day on I always swore that I would never let this happen again. But worse things were still to come.