Week 5 The Attack by Szymon

At that moment, I knew I should’ve moved out of the way but all I could do was shout. My shouts warned some people but I couldn’t run. When my consciousness came back to me, I started to run and I took  one last glance above me. The fighter planes hovered above our town like eagles waiting for their prey. I told my friend to run and I ran into the church and rang the bell to warn the others. People straight away started to run but I couldn’t see the planes and I knew it was too late. I could hear bombs exploding in the distance.

Week 4 The Plague by Szymon

It was the middle of summer and my parents decided to go to Africa. A week later, while we were still there, we turned on the news.
“An outbreak of plague is in Africa, please evacuate immediately.”
The words filled the room. I dashed to my room and started packing up. Within half an hour we were already driving to the closest airport. When we got there, we stopped our car in a parking spot. We went through security and on to a plane. We were waiting and waiting when it just wouldn’t take off.
” We can not take off because there is someone with the plague on board.”
I heard the people behind me start vomiting continuously.

Week 3 The Forest by Szymon

I was warned never to go into that forest. It is said that whoever goes in doesn’t make it out. But there I was, thinking I could make history. I rode into the forest on my bicycle. I was always being called yellow so I tried to prove to them that I was not. Sometimes, sometimes I wish I didn’t. Straight away, I rode into a gigantic root. I was desperate to regain my balance but I fell into a ditch. I saw around a dozen vicious eyes looking at me. I started to run but they chased me greedily. They were faster.

Week 2 A Normal Day by Szymon

It was a normal Sunday. My parents and I went to the mall and it was a long drive. First we went to buy some clothes and I had to buy some shoes, so I bought a pair. We then went to eat something and while I was waiting for my food I saw an odd looking man dressed in black. There was something suspicious about him. It was as if he was in a rush to get out of the building. I completely forgot about it  while we were going to a store. Then everything stopped  and it was the calm before the storm. I heard someone shout “Bomb!”

Week 1 The Society by Szymon

“May I join?” the man asked.
” We will see about that,” replied the mysterious figure.
The man wanted to join the secret society for a while now but only dared to ask now. He waited for a response but got none. The man went to the mysterious man and asked about it.
“I thought you got the letter,” the man eagerly replied.
Only then the man realised that he sent it to the wrong house. He sent someone to poison the man’s food and water. As he was in the kitchen he heard footsteps. But where would he hide?