Week 34 The Noise by Szymon

The sky was so dark you could barely see anything and clouds were covering the moon. I was in my kitchen making myself tea.I sat down on a chair to drink it. Suddenly, I heard a noise in my garden. I decided to go and check it out so I grabbed a flashlight. A leaf fell in front of me. I saw a box turned over on its side and something in it. When I got closer I heard a hissing sound. I shone the flashlight into the box and I was so relieved when I saw that it was just a racoon.

Week 20 The Catastrophic Crash by Szymon

It was a dull, boring day. I was getting ready to go to work. When I arrived, it was ominously quite. I went to my office to start working. When I was at lunch, my co-worker and I met in the lunchroom. We were talking and staring out the window. Suddenly something caught my eye. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. Then I heard a loud crash and suddenly everything turned black. When I snapped back I was in the back of an ambulance. 
“What happened?” I questioned one of the paramedics.
“A plane crashed into your building,” he answered. 

Week 18 Road Trip by Szymon

My family and I decided to go for a road trip from Poland all the way to Venice. It was very boring for the first 12 hours but when we reached the hotel, I was excited. We stayed there for the night. I was also excited to finally eat an actual meal. When we were on one of the main roads, we got stuck in traffic. Cars reached further than I could see. When we moved, I was excited but it was SO slow I became immediately disappointed. I had a great time in Venice.

Week 14 Beastly Bees By Szymon

Bees were rapidly becoming extinct. Scientists were continuously trying to stop it from happening. They decided to make a mutated bee that would live forever unless someone killed it. For the first couple of weeks, it was fine but then they started attacking humans for no reason. If you got stung there was a high chance you would die. They started to grow in size and after a couple of days they were the size of footballs. The scientist couldn’t find a way to exterminate their hive on Eureka Tower. They decided to bomb it.

Week 13 When Pigs Will Fly By Szymon

Pigs were slowly becoming extinct. A farmer in Ireland decided to make a new breed of pig. He combined  a couple of species’ DNA. The pigs had one downside to them, they were really slow because they were extremely fat. One pig could supply about a hundred people. A few years later, giant white wings started to grow out of their sides. They started to fly into the sunset. The people started to get incandescent with rage.
“I didn’t realise they could fly,” protested the farmer.
Well at least that’s how he remembers it. I remember it differently.

Kanturk Arts Festival The Tragedy By Szymon

The Tragedy


Syzmon Kuras

No one exactly knows what happened there. It all took place on 15th of May 1843. One of the biggest merchant ships sank. It departed from Portsmouth in England and it was sailing to the east. The captain’s name was Terence Walters and he brought his two children, Mary Rose and Terence Jr.

The ship was returning when it was caught in a ferocious storm. Black clouds rolled in above the ship. Soon the waves started crashing against the vessel. The wood weakened and what they didn’t know was that jagged rocks were peeking out of the water. The children were the only ones to realise this but it was too late. The ship was torn in half.

The children reacted quickly and jumped in the freezing water. They both swam as fast as sharks to a nearby rocky island. When they reached it they  were shivering. They decided to climb up to the highest point on the rock. They could taste the saltwater that was splashing into their faces. Their bodies were numb from the cold and their clothes was clinging to their bodies. They were so petrified their faces were as pale as two ghosts and they couldn’t move a muscle. They were staring lifelessly at the sinking ship. They could smell the disgusting odour of seaweed. The salt cracked their lips, making them bleed.

Their bodies were never found . It is said that each year on the anniversary of the ship sinking, you can see the children on that same rock staring out at the doomed ship.

Week 10 The Poppy Field by Szymon

Once again I was standing above the poppy fields. Red spread across the landscape. I remembered all the stories my great grandpa told me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the graveyard where he was buried. He found an unexploded bomb  near his house and called some people to dig it out. He was there when a man accidentally set it off.
“Come on, let’s go”.
I didn’t know who said it because I was nauseous,  thinking about what happened during the First World War.

Week 9 The Joke by Szymon

I didn’t bother to go trick or treating, neither did my friends. We decided to go to the cinema to watch a scary movie. We saw groups of children going around in costumes. When we reached the forest, I spotted two pumpkins under a tree. They weren’t lit but you could see some dim light coming out of them. I realised my friends weren’t with me anymore. I got closer and I could hear them speaking. The orange one spoke first. I recognised that voice from somewhere. I looked inside it and saw my friend’s phone.

Week 7 The Failure by Szymon

“We are ready to go,” I announced.
We’ve been preparing for this robbery for almost a month. We grabbed our guns and were about to open the door.
” But where did it go? she shouted.
” Where did what go?” my other partner replied harshly. “Why do you always slow us down and fail us. Last week you almost got us caught.”
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him start raising his gun. She tried to win the argument but failed. She realised that he was lifting his gun but he was faster. BANG!

Week 6 The Accident by Szymon

I was about to head out to the rich man’s house when I heard someone walk into my base. It was my friend trying to scare me. I turned around and my first instinct was to shoot him so I did. He started groaning and then collapsed. I checked his pulse but couldn’t feel it. I started to try to lift him up but he was too heavy. I decided to put him in a wheelbarrow but it was heavier than I expected. When I managed to get him out of my base I heard someone shout, “Put your hands up!”.

Week 5 The Attack by Szymon

At that moment, I knew I should’ve moved out of the way but all I could do was shout. My shouts warned some people but I couldn’t run. When my consciousness came back to me, I started to run and I took  one last glance above me. The fighter planes hovered above our town like eagles waiting for their prey. I told my friend to run and I ran into the church and rang the bell to warn the others. People straight away started to run but I couldn’t see the planes and I knew it was too late. I could hear bombs exploding in the distance.

Week 4 The Plague by Szymon

It was the middle of summer and my parents decided to go to Africa. A week later, while we were still there, we turned on the news.
“An outbreak of plague is in Africa, please evacuate immediately.”
The words filled the room. I dashed to my room and started packing up. Within half an hour we were already driving to the closest airport. When we got there, we stopped our car in a parking spot. We went through security and on to a plane. We were waiting and waiting when it just wouldn’t take off.
” We can not take off because there is someone with the plague on board.”
I heard the people behind me start vomiting continuously.

Week 3 The Forest by Szymon

I was warned never to go into that forest. It is said that whoever goes in doesn’t make it out. But there I was, thinking I could make history. I rode into the forest on my bicycle. I was always being called yellow so I tried to prove to them that I was not. Sometimes, sometimes I wish I didn’t. Straight away, I rode into a gigantic root. I was desperate to regain my balance but I fell into a ditch. I saw around a dozen vicious eyes looking at me. I started to run but they chased me greedily. They were faster.

Week 2 A Normal Day by Szymon

It was a normal Sunday. My parents and I went to the mall and it was a long drive. First we went to buy some clothes and I had to buy some shoes, so I bought a pair. We then went to eat something and while I was waiting for my food I saw an odd looking man dressed in black. There was something suspicious about him. It was as if he was in a rush to get out of the building. I completely forgot about it  while we were going to a store. Then everything stopped  and it was the calm before the storm. I heard someone shout “Bomb!”

Week 1 The Society by Szymon

“May I join?” the man asked.
” We will see about that,” replied the mysterious figure.
The man wanted to join the secret society for a while now but only dared to ask now. He waited for a response but got none. The man went to the mysterious man and asked about it.
“I thought you got the letter,” the man eagerly replied.
Only then the man realised that he sent it to the wrong house. He sent someone to poison the man’s food and water. As he was in the kitchen he heard footsteps. But where would he hide?