Week 35 The River by Tadhg

Jake was a Labrador. When we got him from the animal shelter downtown ,he was sick and had lice and a nasty rash. After a while Jake got better. The vet said he was just a year old. Jake and I would play all the time. One day Jake was missing. I checked the park, the forest and our field. I finally found him by the river sitting down and watching it flow. I called for Jake but he didn’t move. I dragged him back home and he didn’t do anything. He just sat on the ground looking back at the river. I wonder what he saw that frightened him so much.

week 34 The Raccoon in the Box By: Tadhg

It was late afternoon. The midsummer sun was beating hard down on my chest and there was no sign of a cloud in the sky.  I rushed down the footpath heading to our new house.  I’d just got a message that the boxes had been delivered.  I arrived at the house and it didn’t look at all like the photo.  It was a rundown old house that needed more than a lick of paint.  I opened the door to the house and it creaked so loud the neighbour gave out.  I looked into the house and spotted a raccoon running upstairs.  I ran upstairs and I didn’t leave a leaf unturned searching for the raccoon that I finally found asleep in a box.

Week 33 Jacob’s Demise: by Tadhg

Jack was happy. He could finally do what he’d been waiting 10 long years to do . Simon Jacobs was his neighbour. He was a grumpy old man. He went missing a while ago. Jack was ready to climb the wall into Simon’s backyard. For years he lost balls, kites and a bike (don’t ask!) . Jack climbed the wall and spotted a massive black hole that filled up most of the lawn. Jack looked down the massive hole and saw Jacob. He was skin and bone. There was something behind him. It was moving towards him. Jacob screamed and was dragged away by the vicious beast. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Jack cried himself to sleep. 

Week 32 Bandits By: Tadhg

It was getting dark. We raced through the woods towards the town. I jumped off my horse and sprinted towards the town square. The village was being attacked by bandits. I pulled out my pistol and glanced at my best friend Harry. He nodded and we shot our guns in the air. The bandits stopped for a second and stared at us. There were six of them in total. One of them had a gun. He shot at me. It hit my gun and knocked it out of my hand. Harry shot at one of the bandits and he fell over clutching his stomach. We chased after the bandits as the village people watched us disappear into the night.

Week 31 The Hunt: by Tadhg

I stared at the glimmering moon, listening to the wolves howl. The pack of wolves were hunting, hunting me. I raced past the old shack on the hill almost tripping on the stones at the abandoned graveyard. I glanced back and saw the first wolf appear by the shack. It was pure muscle, you could tell it was the alpha. I knew I had no chance. The wolf leapt at me and I closed my eyes waiting for impact when suddenly a man knocked me onto the ground . I knew I had to repay him for saving my life, but only if we survived the night.

Week 30 Imagine By: Tadhg

Jack was furious, he had to clean his room.

He was cleaning his clothes when he thought, “Maybe I could tie all my clothes together to scale down the wall in Alcatraz and I’d be the only one in Alcatraz who escaped and saw the sun?”

When he finished cleaning the clothes, he cleaned the toys. When he put the ball away he thought, “Maybe I could be Pelé and I’d kick the ball top bins and win the game.”

Then he put away his toy shovel, “Maybe I could see a sign for a flower shop, dig a hole and plant all their flowers? Then I’d have the biggest garden in the world!”

WEEK 20 The Bird by Tadhg

“BANG!” the shot rang out ominously.

As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was but it didn’t matter now as it was dead. I strolled down the mountain but as I ambled my along I tripped on a jagged stone, I lost my balance and fell sideways. I rolled down the mountain and I appeared in a unfamiliar area. It was surrounded with hills and the bird was lying there. I still didn’t know what it was but it wasn’t actually dead, it was alive. The bird turned its long neck and hissed at me. I ran away and I never saw the bird again.

week 18 My Car By:Tadhg

I LOVE MY AMAZING,FANTASTIC,AWESOME,INCREDIBLE,MIND-BLOWING ,HIGH TECH, FUTURE CAR♦ It has wheels that fold inwards so it can float on water ♦ It also has wings that shoot out from the side of the car and anti-slip wheels with chains on them so the car can climb up mountains♦ It has a big boot for carrying things and it has seven seats♦ It can teleport and it has tinted windows♦ It is almost flawless but it is so slow I decided to sell it on amazon for 9.5 million euro and if somebody buys it I will be RICH!!!!!!!!!!! ♦                                                                                         ♦©

Week 13 The Old Man’s House By:Tadhg

I rifled through his belongings wondering if I could find anything worth a bit of money. I found no chocolate bars in the kitchen (the villain) . I then hopped up the stairs and walked into his room. I looked in the drawers and found some tissues, irritable bowel medicine and chocolate bar wrappers (Really he wouldn’t even leave me one chocolate bar). I went into the other room and found a dangerous book! Just kidding! The only dangerous thing I found in his house was the irritable bowel medicine and his underwear drawer. I then found two carpets but I didn’t realise they could fly. Just kidding! We don’t want a replay of Aladdin, do we? Then the door clicked open and I heard a voice. I was caught.

the shifty ship by:Tadhg

The Shifty Ship


Tadhg Humphreys

My eyes flicked open. I gasped for breath as I realised the situation I was in. There was a ship speeding towards me. I clambered up onto a cluster of rugged rocks. On finally escaping the freezing cold water, I heard a whimpering coming from the highest rock. I climbed to the top and what I saw nearly made me fall back into the water. There was a little girl there. She was pale-faced and starved.

She whispered in a hoarse voice, “THEY’RE COMING! YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!”

She then gasped and fell over. I clasped her hands and dragged her onto her feet. I saw her eyes dart towards the ship. As I have mentioned, the ship was heading towards THE ROCKS,  MEANING CERTAIN DEATH FOR US BOTH!

I rushed down the slippery rocks, falling a couple times. I was surprised by the agility of the small girl and asked her how she got there. She answered in her unusual wispy voice, “I was chosen, just like you.”

I asked her what she meant by people coming and me not being able to stop them. She replied “The crew of the ship of course.”

I was oblivious to the fact that there was a little hut on an island but the girl seemed to know exactly where to head. We sprang into the ice-cold water and swam as fast as we could to the island but we were too slow. The ship blocked us and we started to thread water. We were sitting ducks out there. I heard a bang and I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed and presumed it was all a dream. I opened my eyes to see the frail girl staring right at me…

WEEK10 The red car By:Tadhg

I walked  down the road and saw the red car swerve and hit the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. I couldn’t believe it! The fellow from the movies, that guy you thought lived in Manhattan, actually lived in Ireland. I looked at the superhero reduced to a pile of crushed arms and legs.

So much for spider senses, I said as I walked along the curb and went home. I then heard on the news that night that there was a red car gone rogue and hitting random  people on the street. I realised how lucky I was. Then I saw Spider-Man come on the TV and pictured Spider-Man in a crumpled heap on the road .

Week 9 The Spooky Scarecrow by Tadhg

My parents always told me not to go over the wall in the back of the garden. Today I did…

I hit the ground with  a loud “THUMP”! The wall was higher than I expected and I had injured my leg at the bottom. The whole area was dark and desolate and it had a tinge of weirdness. I almost started crying from the eerie silence and I felt like I was going to have to ring my parents and get in trouble. But I didn’t. I got up and suddenly saw an orange scarecrow and a black one too. I gaped at them as the orange one spoke first.

I wish I had listened to my parents…

week 6 Part 2 of The Amazing Alien attack by Tadhg

They were coming today. We were sick of this place . They never should have captured us, it was unfair. We had a weak link: ME. My eyes darted around the place. Everyone was looking at us .The group of 6. We were a perfect team. Other than Me. We suddenly heard a bang and knew they had come, the rest of our family. They teleported us up but to our surprise it wasn’t them. It was a different alien race altogether. They gave me a gun, it was heavier than I expected. They pointed at my team and said “SHOOT…”



The Amazing Alien Attack BY:Tadhg week 5

The world looked up as they saw our spaceship. They never saw it again. We went by the name of Draxians. Our code name was very secretive, our code name was…

AAA: A.K.A. AMAZING ALIEN ATTACK. We gathered a lot of intelligence on this planet about Area 51 and many more things. We thought we could take over the planet with our heads in the air. But we were wrong. Area 51 caught us off guard and we were stuck here ever since. A chill runs down my spine whenever I hear about it. But I am telling you this to come to Earth and free our kind.


Week4 The locked door By:Tadhg


I woke up that morning excited for the day ahead. I hopped into the car but when it just wouldn’t take off, I decided to cycle. When I arrived at the building, I hopped off my bike and left it by the shed. I walked happily into my office and then realised… I had forgotten to lock the door of my house. I ran to my house desperately trying to get there in time. I rushed through the alleyways, taking all the shortcuts. I ducked. I didn’t have a long time to duck so. CLANG. I hit the metal vent. When I finally got home the door was locked.


Have you ever wondered what scientists look like?

Well they have big spiked up YELLOW hair with faces as pale as vampires. And whoever said they wore big, white lab coats couldn’t be more wrong. They normally wear old jumpsuits from the 80s and have ideas flowing through their heads all the time. Like making a BICYCLE powered toaster and even though their mother WARNED them not to, they would take one DESPERATE cycle and “POP!” “BANG!” “CRASH!” . The thing would explode and their dog would come in and GREEDILY take the bits left on the ground . Why do I know this? It’s because I am one.


Tadhg: The Award Week 1

“Tom, you won! How do you feel, buddy?”

I could remember that day so well. The roar of the crowds as I walked out of the building. The rush of people trying to get into the building. It was amazing. My claim to fame some people would call it .But what I didn’t know was that winning the vote for president would attract the wrong attention. Whoosh! I felt it go through me. I fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I knew this would be my last few seconds of consciousness, my last few seconds of life…