The Amazing Alien Attack BY:Tadhg week 5

The world looked up as they saw our spaceship. They never saw it again. We went by the name of Draxians. Our code name was very secretive, our code name was…

AAA: A.K.A. AMAZING ALIEN ATTACK. We gathered a lot of intelligence on this planet about Area 51 and many more things. We thought we could take over the planet with our heads in the air. But we were wrong. Area 51 caught us off guard and we were stuck here ever since. A chill runs down my spine whenever I hear about it. But I am telling you this to come to Earth and free our kind.


Week4 The locked door By:Tadhg


I woke up that morning excited for the day ahead. I hopped into the car but when it just wouldn’t take off, I decided to cycle. When I arrived at the building, I hopped off my bike and left it by the shed. I walked happily into my office and then realised… I had forgotten to lock the door of my house. I ran to my house desperately trying to get there in time. I rushed through the alleyways, taking all the shortcuts. I ducked. I didn’t have a long time to duck so. CLANG. I hit the metal vent. When I finally got home the door was locked.


Have you ever wondered what scientists look like?

Well they have big spiked up YELLOW hair with faces as pale as vampires. And whoever said they wore big, white lab coats couldn’t be more wrong. They normally wear old jumpsuits from the 80s and have ideas flowing through their heads all the time. Like making a BICYCLE powered toaster and even though their mother WARNED them not to, they would take one DESPERATE cycle and “POP!” “BANG!” “CRASH!” . The thing would explode and their dog would come in and GREEDILY take the bits left on the ground . Why do I know this? It’s because I am one.


Tadhg: The Award Week 1

“Tom, you won! How do you feel, buddy?”

I could remember that day so well. The roar of the crowds as I walked out of the building. The rush of people trying to get into the building. It was amazing. My claim to fame some people would call it .But what I didn’t know was that winning the vote for president would attract the wrong attention. Whoosh! I felt it go through me. I fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I knew this would be my last few seconds of consciousness, my last few seconds of life…