Week 5, The Nicest Man By Tim

In 1935, a worker named John Hudson died in a car accident in the city. The people of St. Louis were shocked because he was the nicest man in their state. Every single day after he finished work he would go around helping people in the district. People called him Biggy because he had big feet and he was tall. It was a compliment. He would help people finish painting their houses and others look for missing stuff. His death was devastating. He was held a massive funeral. People from all over the state went to it and a statue was built on a round-about in his honour. R.I.P John Hudson.

Week 4, The Launch by Tim

I was excited to see the rocket launch so I got up early in the morning, ate breakfast and dressed. I woke up my parents and they also got ready. We got there in time, before the entire place was full. People were taking pictures and others taking videos when we heard the countdown. I could see the president along with the other famous Americans. The countdown finished and when it just wouldn’t take off, I heard something hit the ground. All of a sudden the rocket burst into flames. The whole station was destroyed along with everyone in it. Pieces of metal were flying and people screaming. It was the worst thing I’d seen as a child.

Week 3, The Man in The Yellow Hat Part 1 by Tim

My friend Dylan invited me to a sleepover. I thought it was weird. A lot of kids were going missing.  I arrived at his house on my bicycle. Turning around I saw a man in a yellow  hat staring at me. The door opened. Dylan let me in. I was desperate to go to the bathroom but I held it in. At dinner I saw Dylan’s dog greedily chewing on his toy. Afterwards upstairs, the man in the yellow hat appeared. He disappeared along with Dylan. I ran to tell Dylan’s parents but only found their corpses. I darted to the back door and ran to the police station but when I got there all I could see were more bodies…

Week 2, Benny by Tim

We finished unpacking and I tried getting used to my new room. My Mom told me to go to bed. While  looking for my pyjamas, I saw a nametag on the closet door, ‘Benny Tompson’ it read. My dad told me that the original owner’s child had died in my room. I went to bed.

3am. I heard a voice coming from the closet door.

“Join me, Tim.”

I went under my cover and looked up again. A boy with ragged clothes was staring at me with yellow, glowing eyes. He got closer and then disappeared.

9am. My room was covered in blood. I screamed when he appeared again. My mom ran in and grabbed my arm and we fled in the car. He is still in my head to this day.



Week 1, The Group by Tim

In the early 1500s lived a man named Leopold ‘Harris’ Stotch. He was in a secret society with some other men he knew. But no one else in the small town knew about. One day Leopold held a meeting in his house with his group to talk about something until one of the men in the group saw a man staring through one of the windows. When he realized they spotted him he ran away. Leopold ran after him and caught him by the arm. He asked him what he had heard and the man told him. Leopold was mad so he gave the man 3 choices: 1) he would join the group, 2) he would leave the town and 3)he would be killed. The man decided to leave the town for good.