Week 20, Being a Guard by Tim

Most people think being a guard is simple, just walking around making sure people don’t do anything bad or not get inside a certain building. But guarding AREA 51 ain’t simple. As you may know a lot of people are trying to get inside. It’s so annoying. Last week’s encounter was very weird. Jim and I were on our night shift when I heard a rustling noise coming from a bush. I ignored it and then WHOOSH! Something flew out of the bush. It made a loud annoying noise and as it flew closer to us. I couldn’t see it until I saw blinking lights beneath it. A drone. Jim shot it down and two teenage boys ran out of the bush. I was surprised because people never use drones trying to get inside the facility.

Week 17, Seeing Things by Tim

Ever since my brother died things haven’t been going well. Every day when I’m outside with my friends, I see my brother’s bike wherever I go. It freaked me out because I was the only one who could see it and no one else could. People say that I’m seeing things. I got sick of it and locked that bike in the shed. A few days later my dad asked my why there was a big hole in the shed. There was no sign of the bike anywhere . I told my dad that I was seeing things but he started laughing. I finally did something and tied that bike to the pole across the street and later that month we moved out of the country.

Week 13, My Mom’s Biggest Fear by Tim

A few years ago when I used to live in Africa, I found out my mom’s big fear of roaches. I was about 4 or 5 years old when my mom was cooking dinner. Now as a child, my parents were like my superheroes and weren’t scared of anything. Until that very night…

So my mom was making dinner when a jumbo roach came from outside. Blaberus Giganteus is the scientific name which means Giant Roach. As soon as she saw that monster, she immediately grabbed the bug stray and I didn’t realise they could fly. My mom’s jaw dropped open as she saw the wings coming out from the back. I’ve never heard my mom scream so much! She ran out of the kitchen leaving her little boy. My dad finally took care of it, he emptied the can of bug spray on that demon. I wish I had all of this on camera.

Week 11, Bermuda by Tim


by Tim Bhokani

The Bermuda Triangle is well- known for the number of ships and planes that go missing while passing. This all started happening when the king was awoken. He was the King of the Seas. His name was Bermuda.

My sister, my parents and I were on a trip to Puerto Rico. This happened long ago. Two of us were the only survivors and the only ones to see it all happen. A storm started up and this storm was strong. Thunder cracked and the clouds were pitch black. I heard a loud roar coming from underneath the boat. Tentacles emerged from the water.

Bermuda roared again but this roar was louder. He emerged fully from the water, staring at the boat with his red beady eyes. He roared yet again. My sister and I  reacted quickly on deck. The two of us jumped off the boat and swam as quickly as we could  to the rocks that were close by.  He went underneath the boat. We thought it was all over but that wasn’t the case. The ship’s captain tried desperately to get his ship to safety but couldn’t.

Bermuda came out of the water but this time he was extremely mad. He dragged the boat down to the bottom of the ocean. Then, I heard an explosion, another roar. I heard my sister sobbing because our parents were on that ship.

We swam to shore and eventually we were put in an orphanage. We were adopted by a wealthy family and this story was passed down through  the generations of my family.

Week 9, Why I am Never Going to The Attic by Tim

I was looking for my Halloween mask because I was going trick or treating with my friends. My mom told me that I should go and check in the attic. I didn’t want to because I kept hearing noise up there. I had no other choice so I just went up there. I looked around but couldn’t find it. While looking in old boxes, I spotted an orange light at the end of the attic. I tiptoed because I didn’t like the creaking noise on the wooden floor. Two pumpkins were there, a yellow one and an orange one looking at me with their beady eyes. The orange one spoke first. “Come closer, little boy.” I got freaked out. There was a hammer beside one of the boxes. SPLAT!!!!! SPLAT!!!. I hit both pumpkins and left.

Week 7, My little Sister by Tim

When I was young (about 12), my little sister used to annoy me so much. I thought having one would be easy but no, it was not. I had to look after her while my parents were at work. And that took a lot of work. One day, my mom  got my sister a toy unicorn that would make horse sounds. It was so annoying until this happened…

I heard her scream. I ran to check on her and there she was crying.

“WHERE’S MY UNICORN?” she screamed.

“I thought you had it,” I said.

“BUT WHERE DID IT GO?”  she shouted.

I looked around and saw it under her pillow. I gave it to her and she finally stopped crying. For a while.

Week 6, My Lucky Find by Tim

A week ago, my dad and I went fishing. We caught a lot of fish that day. We also found a few pearl mussels. We brought them home and my mother cooked them. We had a lovely dinner. The next day we went for salmon. Sadly, we didn’t get any. While fishing, I saw a shining gold rock in the water. I went over to it and picked it up, it was heavier than I expected. I showed my dad and he said we should check it out at the jewelers. The rock was actually gold. It was worth over 2 million euro. The next day we got our money and bought a huge mansion. I was so happy.

Week 5, The Nicest Man By Tim

In 1935, a worker named John Hudson died in a car accident in the city. The people of St. Louis were shocked because he was the nicest man in their state. Every single day after he finished work he would go around helping people in the district. People called him Biggy because he had big feet and he was tall. It was a compliment. He would help people finish painting their houses and others look for missing stuff. His death was devastating. He was held a massive funeral. People from all over the state went to it and a statue was built on a round-about in his honour. R.I.P John Hudson.

Week 4, The Launch by Tim

I was excited to see the rocket launch so I got up early in the morning, ate breakfast and dressed. I woke up my parents and they also got ready. We got there in time, before the entire place was full. People were taking pictures and others taking videos when we heard the countdown. I could see the president along with the other famous Americans. The countdown finished and when it just wouldn’t take off, I heard something hit the ground. All of a sudden the rocket burst into flames. The whole station was destroyed along with everyone in it. Pieces of metal were flying and people screaming. It was the worst thing I’d seen as a child.

Week 3, The Man in The Yellow Hat Part 1 by Tim

My friend Dylan invited me to a sleepover. I thought it was weird. A lot of kids were going missing.  I arrived at his house on my bicycle. Turning around I saw a man in a yellow  hat staring at me. The door opened. Dylan let me in. I was desperate to go to the bathroom but I held it in. At dinner I saw Dylan’s dog greedily chewing on his toy. Afterwards upstairs, the man in the yellow hat appeared. He disappeared along with Dylan. I ran to tell Dylan’s parents but only found their corpses. I darted to the back door and ran to the police station but when I got there all I could see were more bodies…

Week 2, Benny by Tim

We finished unpacking and I tried getting used to my new room. My Mom told me to go to bed. While  looking for my pyjamas, I saw a nametag on the closet door, ‘Benny Tompson’ it read. My dad told me that the original owner’s child had died in my room. I went to bed.

3am. I heard a voice coming from the closet door.

“Join me, Tim.”

I went under my cover and looked up again. A boy with ragged clothes was staring at me with yellow, glowing eyes. He got closer and then disappeared.

9am. My room was covered in blood. I screamed when he appeared again. My mom ran in and grabbed my arm and we fled in the car. He is still in my head to this day.



Week 1, The Group by Tim

In the early 1500s lived a man named Leopold ‘Harris’ Stotch. He was in a secret society with some other men he knew. But no one else in the small town knew about. One day Leopold held a meeting in his house with his group to talk about something until one of the men in the group saw a man staring through one of the windows. When he realized they spotted him he ran away. Leopold ran after him and caught him by the arm. He asked him what he had heard and the man told him. Leopold was mad so he gave the man 3 choices: 1) he would join the group, 2) he would leave the town and 3)he would be killed. The man decided to leave the town for good.