Week 1 The Trick Coin by Ciarán

“Knock, Knock, hello! Anyone home? I have been getting some complaints.”

A Week Later…..


“You’re right, if they find out…”

“What are doing here?”

“We could be arrested!”

“George, keep an eye out.”

“Where should we go?”

“Turkey,Egypt,Italy or Russia?”

None of those. We’re going to America.”

“All of us?”

“NO, we go one by one.”

“Then it is settled that we go….”


“Please, please, we can settle this in an easy manner. Flip a coin, heads we go tails prison for rest of our lives.”


“Looks like it’s heads.  Bye…. ”

5 minutes later:  “Wait a minute, it was a trick coin.”

Week 1, by Mikolaj

I wasn’t sure was I in the right place but I went on. I met this dude and he told everybody where to go. He just didn’t tell me. I made a deal with him because he was just so dumb. I gave him a ten euro voucher in an envelope but there was actually nothing inside. He showed me the way and I ran off. I found the place that I was looking for. It was a church, just an ordinary church, you know, nothing special. I hadn’t prayed for a long time. That’s where my parents would want me to be.

Week 1 Um… by Matthew D

“Will you join?” Jim asked.

“I will,” I said.

He then brought me to a castle and down to the basement. There was an old half-rotten wooden table in the middle of the room. There were 6 men at each side of the table. In the corner there was a bucket and that was it. They then started walking very slowly over to me. It felt threatening. A man with a bushy beard and a scar above his eye cornered me. He told me to repeat, “I swear an oath to tell nobody about the club I’m about to join.” The words came out of me so fast I’m surprised he even understood me. When I went home my mother asked what I’d done. My reply was “Um…um…”

Week 1 BANG… By Danny

One day Tom was walking down the road when suddenly he heard a bang. He went over to the building and saw that that there were about 12 people in there. He went in and said, “What was that bang?” They said it was nothing but Tom knew something was going on. He told him to skedaddle so he did but what they didn’t know was that he only went outside the door. They then started talking again and Tom heard everything. So he barged in the door and said, ” If you don’t want me to tell everyone in town your secrets, then you should let me in your club!”

Week 1: Recruitment By Naglis

“We need to recruit more members,” I whispered.

“That lad over there doesn’t look bad,” replied Marcus.

Later on I sauntered over to him and asked a few questions. I was about to let him in until he said he was a trainee.

“I’m sorry but we are a doctor-only organisation.”

You could see the misery in his eyes. I could feel the weight of the guilt pressing against me.

“Actually alright, you can try out.”

There were realistic electronic dummies that needed saving and he saved them. We let him in and he saved hundreds of ‘real’ lives. So we built a statue outside the hospital to show what a good doctor he was. 

Week 1, The Group by Tim

In the early 1500s lived a man named Leopold ‘Harris’ Stotch. He was in a secret society with some other men he knew. But no one else in the small town knew about. One day Leopold held a meeting in his house with his group to talk about something until one of the men in the group saw a man staring through one of the windows. When he realized they spotted him he ran away. Leopold ran after him and caught him by the arm. He asked him what he had heard and the man told him. Leopold was mad so he gave the man 3 choices: 1) he would join the group, 2) he would leave the town and 3)he would be killed. The man decided to leave the town for good.

Week 1 WWII football by Mathew O’G

Gun shots wouldn’t stop… these past years have been so lonesome, being so far away from my family.

But I’m not letting that horrible German get away with it.

I missed playing football with my mates on a Tuesday night.

I dreamed of playing a game of footy to settle this.

It was getting close to Christmas now and I wished the war would end before Christmas so I could go home.

Sergeant burst  through the door holding a white flag.

“Let’s play football!!!”


We were taking a break from all this shooting…now lets beat those Germans  at our own game.


Week 1 The Society by Szymon

“May I join?” the man asked.
” We will see about that,” replied the mysterious figure.
The man wanted to join the secret society for a while now but only dared to ask now. He waited for a response but got none. The man went to the mysterious man and asked about it.
“I thought you got the letter,” the man eagerly replied.
Only then the man realised that he sent it to the wrong house. He sent someone to poison the man’s food and water. As he was in the kitchen he heard footsteps. But where would he hide?

Tadhg: The Award Week 1

“Tom, you won! How do you feel, buddy?”

I could remember that day so well. The roar of the crowds as I walked out of the building. The rush of people trying to get into the building. It was amazing. My claim to fame some people would call it .But what I didn’t know was that winning the vote for president would attract the wrong attention. Whoosh! I felt it go through me. I fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I knew this would be my last few seconds of consciousness, my last few seconds of life…

Johnny Peter and Patrick the Mason By Jack

“Hello, Johnny. Today I spotted a man in the town square by the name of Patrick. He looks to be a senior stone mason. There was a queue the length of the building we’re in now asking him to do things like make a fireplace or build a wall.”

“Well, Peter, do you think he should join us?”

“Well, yes.”

“Okay, so you know what to do. Watch him for the next few days.”

“Yes, John. See you on Monday.”

“Fine but hurry along now.”

Monday came and Peter thought he should join. John was ready with his flintlock just in case he refused but he didn’t. He agreed and went on to be the greatest stone mason that had ever lived.