Week 10 Guilty By Matthew D

The judge ordered Joe Chambers to rise. The judge started questioning Joe and immediately his face turned red with guilt. The judge instantly smashed his gavel off the table and exclaimed that Joe Chambers was guilty of murdering Josh Mansly. Joe pleaded with the judge not to sentence him but the clerk silenced him. The judge sentenced Joe Chambers to eight years in prison. Joe looked back at his nauseous wife, her lips quivering, tears pouring out of her eyes. All over one false accusation.

Week 10, Joe Gets Mad, by Mikolaj

It wasn’t the time yet but we bought it anyway, the red stress ball for Joe. He always gets mad when he plays fortnite so he just throws the ball around the room. I don’t really get mad at him because I laugh at him screaming into his mic,”YOU’RE TRASH, KID”. He goes down and eats his fortnite energy bars to play like Jarvis. It is the most hilarious thing when he says, “YOU’RE A HACKER DUDE, STREAM SNIPER.” I buy him like 7 controllers monthly so that I’m not really happy about but it’s funny anyway!

Week 10: Pleasing Poppies By Naglis

I blinked and blinked and blinked. I was wide awake and I just could not sleep. I sauntered down the stairs and out the creaking door. I lived near the Flanders Fields in Belgium. My eyes skedaddled from left to right, scanning the beautiful, red poppies. I could picture the trenches and the injured soldiers in my head. I imagined the English and French battling the Germans. I entered the field and glanced at the poppies blowing peacefully in the wind. Four teenagers or young adults emerged from the shadows. They circled me and shouted, “What are you doing here..?!”

WK10# The New Kid by Abdul

There was a new boy coming to the class. I ran to the restroom and came back to see the most outrageous face I have seen in my life. His head was super red. He looked like a super villain from one of my favourite comics.When our teacher left we made fun of his face (which was what I shouldn’t have done). He walked over towards me and gave me a face, so I gave him one too which led to me being beaten so badly. My face was as red as his. I went from being a guy who targets to being the target.

Week 10 John’s First Kill By Danny

As John walked into the prison, he knew he would have to draw first blood on the prisoner of war. John was a young man who had to prove himself. He walked down the long, dreary corridor of the prison with his new comrades on both sides of him while prisoners of war stood in cages beside them. John sauntered down the corridor with his gun in hand.

” PEW, PEW!” and the prisoner was dead with dark red blood dripping from his body.

“Great stuff, Cadet,” the Sergeant called out but all I could think of was the prisoner’s family.

Week 10: Caught Red Handed By Marc

The creaking door was moving because of the wind blowing. There was a red sign saying no entry. Curiosity got the better of my scruples. The lights were flickering on and off. There was water on the ground which made my shoes squelch. It was dark and damp. There were chandeliers shaking on the ceiling. Doors were opening and closing for no reason. It was said that it was an abandoned school. They said a boy got bullied and he died. He was haunting the school. Suddenly he saw a shadow coming towards him. Boo!! It was only a security guard. 

Week 10 The Poppy Field by Szymon

Once again I was standing above the poppy fields. Red spread across the landscape. I remembered all the stories my great grandpa told me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the graveyard where he was buried. He found an unexploded bomb  near his house and called some people to dig it out. He was there when a man accidentally set it off.
“Come on, let’s go”.
I didn’t know who said it because I was nauseous,  thinking about what happened during the First World War.

Week#10: RED By Sean

Red is for Anger.

At this time anger is the powerful emotion because everyone feels it.

Red is the most feared spirit of all time.

One day, she was walking. It was 1916. It was war everywhere.

She was in Deadman’s Field. She was watching people kill people. She was filled with rage. The fires from hell came up and filled everyone with anger. The war was soon turned to hell.

RED was stopped by gold. He was for goodness.

“Why are you doing this?” Gold yelled.

Gold pushed Red into the flames. Now she burns inside of us.

WEEK10 The red car By:Tadhg

I walked  down the road and saw the red car swerve and hit the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. I couldn’t believe it! The fellow from the movies, that guy you thought lived in Manhattan, actually lived in Ireland. I looked at the superhero reduced to a pile of crushed arms and legs.

So much for spider senses, I said as I walked along the curb and went home. I then heard on the news that night that there was a red car gone rogue and hitting random  people on the street. I realised how lucky I was. Then I saw Spider-Man come on the TV and pictured Spider-Man in a crumpled heap on the road .

Week 10 Captive By Ciarán

Hi, my name is Blade. I had one shot, one opportunity. My brother Red   was beside me. My brother accidentally shot our own man. I scurried away like a coward. It was my brother got caught red handed. I never saw him again after the war. 5 weeks passed. I was living on the streets thinking but what would have happened to me if I stayed and had not been a coward and let my brother to die? I tried to join the army again but I wasn’t allowed but then I saw him. A white skinned man in a suit said,”Are you Blade?”