Week 12 The Attack By Shane F

It was a normal day on the galactic military’s star ship Zephyr . It was one of the most advanced ships in the fleet . It was armed with 90 ion turrets batteries, 56 laser cannons and much more . I was Captain James Adams and I was personally leading the next mission to assault on the Federation controlled world of Antaria.

I was eating a sandwich in my quarters looking at a picture of butterflies on the wall . Suddenly “Alert,Alert all galactic Marines get ready for assault on Antaria.” The robotic voice boomed . I ate the rest of my sandwich got my armour and blaster and hurried to the main bridge . Some men were as white as paper but I was very energetic . I never noticed how fast we got there but it was impressive . But I had to get ready for war.


Week 12 Hospital Horror by Laurynas

” Tick Tock, times ticking” The voice echoed across the hospital.

I hurried through the hall trying to find the person. I knew he was the killer. How? Well, every person he killed had one tattoo: a white skull with a black background. When he killed my father he had written:

I gave him what I owed.

The only person he owed was Jack Higgins, the doctor…

I won the title Most Energetic child in school so it was easy running fast to the reception table. I saw a half-eaten sandwich and a battery( which was broken in two). But what I mostly wanted to see was the camera footage. Finally, found him.

” You’re not getting away this time” I whispered racing to the basement.