Week 13 cornered by Julius.

Excited and curious, I walked through high reeds and into the dense forest .

The trees were full of monkeys and other beastly creatures that stay out of sight.

As I walked on I noticed an orange spot in the distance that seemed to grow bigger and bigger as I walked on.

Then there was a roar from behind me. It was a tiger. Then another appeared from behind me.

There was nowhere to go. Then suddenly a monkey fell out of the trees.  We were doomed. The tiger was blocking our way out. Then suddenly they charged. There was nowhere to go. We were cornered.

Week 13 Circus Fire by Laurynas

“Fire, Fire” shouted the manager.

This was a catastrophe. There was fire everywhere, animals were running loose and help still hadn’t arrived. We all ran in circles helping out those who were in need and those who needed saving.

I raced to one of the stables where the elephant lay. I tapped him gently on the trunk, waking him up. The elephant understood he had to go. He stood up. I climbed on his back and we raced towards the exists.

But the matter went from bad to worse. Our circus tiger was already there. In my opinion he looked a bit…hungry.So the tiger was blocking our escape?” I tapped the elephant’s side giving him the command to charge. It was all or nothing.