Week 13, What a Surprise, by Mikolaj

“No, No, No!” I shouted while I saw my sister run away from an ostrich. I ran up to it and scared it away. My sister is always afraid of those stupid creatures. I told my neighbours to either sell them or keep them away from my house. The next day my sister went out to exercise and was waiting for me in our garden. I didn’t go out because I knew the ostrich would attack her so I waited till it did. I saw it approaching and tried to catch it but I didn’t realise they could fly…

Week 13 Busby Twins By Matthew D

There I was, revving up my car at the starting line when all of a sudden the craziest people I know, the Busby twins, arrived. They came in this so-called hot air balloon. I chuckled to myself as I heard them say that they created a new mode of transport.

” Cars travel on the GROUND at a much quicker rate!” I exclaimed.

I saw the starter making his way up to the corporate box.  I prepared myself. He fired his gun  and then the Busbys and I set off but theirs flew into the air. I didn’t realise they could fly, I thought to myself.

“See you at the finish line,” they announced.

Week 13 My Pet Hamster By Danny

I have a pet hamster. He is very unique in his own special way. His name is Hammy the Hamster. He is 2 years old. I got him when I was 10. He used to live under my house until I caught him one day and kept him as my own. He lives in my bedroom in a little cage. It’s a two storey with a little bed, a hamster wheel and some food and water in there.

One day when I went to my friend’s house (he also has a hamster) we put them in the same cage. They then started to fly. I didn’t realise they could fly. But how would we keep it a secret?

Week 13: A Whole New World By Marc

“Why are there so many giants waiting to get on the mysterious object that goes really fast?” I was thinking to myself.

So I decided to crawl on. I could smell a peculiar smell. After that I knew what it was. It was the most scrumptious cheese I have ever observed. So I leaped in an imperceptible hole. Unexpectedly, it got pitch dark. I felt a really weird feeling in my stomach. I got moved and then I could see and I was right by the window. I didn’t realise they could fly. Giants can now fly, I thought to myself.

Week 13 When Pigs Will Fly By Szymon

Pigs were slowly becoming extinct. A farmer in Ireland decided to make a new breed of pig. He combined  a couple of species’ DNA. The pigs had one downside to them, they were really slow because they were extremely fat. One pig could supply about a hundred people. A few years later, giant white wings started to grow out of their sides. They started to fly into the sunset. The people started to get incandescent with rage.
“I didn’t realise they could fly,” protested the farmer.
Well at least that’s how he remembers it. I remember it differently.

Week 13, My Mom’s Biggest Fear by Tim

A few years ago when I used to live in Africa, I found out my mom’s big fear of roaches. I was about 4 or 5 years old when my mom was cooking dinner. Now as a child, my parents were like my superheroes and weren’t scared of anything. Until that very night…

So my mom was making dinner when a jumbo roach came from outside. Blaberus Giganteus is the scientific name which means Giant Roach. As soon as she saw that monster, she immediately grabbed the bug stray and I didn’t realise they could fly. My mom’s jaw dropped open as she saw the wings coming out from the back. I’ve never heard my mom scream so much! She ran out of the kitchen leaving her little boy. My dad finally took care of it, he emptied the can of bug spray on that demon. I wish I had all of this on camera.

Week 13 The Old Man’s House By:Tadhg

I rifled through his belongings wondering if I could find anything worth a bit of money. I found no chocolate bars in the kitchen (the villain) . I then hopped up the stairs and walked into his room. I looked in the drawers and found some tissues, irritable bowel medicine and chocolate bar wrappers (Really he wouldn’t even leave me one chocolate bar). I went into the other room and found a dangerous book! Just kidding! The only dangerous thing I found in his house was the irritable bowel medicine and his underwear drawer. I then found two carpets but I didn’t realise they could fly. Just kidding! We don’t want a replay of Aladdin, do we? Then the door clicked open and I heard a voice. I was caught.

Week 13 Flight By Jack

BARK! BARK! I was giving out to my younger brother  because he took the juiciest bit out of the little thing humans called dogs.

I am a coyote and I live in a stifling hot den in North Carolina with my brother.

We finished eating and went looking for more food when we came across Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, more commonly known as the Wright Brothers. They were the ones who had killed our parents with the thing that shot lightning out of a barrel. I was about to pounce on them when they hopped in this “thing” and took off.

Up and up they went, I sat there dazed because I didn’t realise they could fly and then they came back down and we went back to our den deciding to leave them alone and have a good night’s sleep.

Flying Pigs by Oisin Wk#13

“Caleb!” I shouted running up to him.

“Sean got hurt, we might get no homework,” I said.

“If pigs could fly!” Caleb said.

After school, I go straight home (and that is what I’m doing now) and before I do homework I feed the pigs. I was walking towards the pig sty and found no pigs. I was looking around for two minutes before one landed on my head. I looked up and there were pigs flying above me. I didn’t realise they could fly and then they all flew down in a row, waiting for their food and the little one who hit me on the head just stepped in line.