Week 14 The Great Ape Escape By Shane F

“That’s it. We need to get out!” I shouted.

There were 30 of us apes in the van going to Dublin zoo . I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to be free . The idiot van driver left the keys of the van on the floor. I reached the key and unlocked my cage and unlocked the thirty others. Suddenly we ran rapidly into the drivers area and grabbed the steering wheel.

CRASH! We hit a wall but luckily nobody was hurt . We ran into a conference hall. Men in formal suits sat there, taken aback by a horde of monkeys . I jumped onto an empty chair and threw the laptop away . We were rapidly causing havoc . “Security!” One man shouted . Security ran in. What were we going to do ……..?

Week 14 what are those by Julius.

Suddenly the van hit something and the doors crashed open. My baboon brothers and I made a run for it.

We separated so it would be harder to catch us.

I was alone when I ran into the Apple Store, you know the shop with gadgets. .

When I looked around there was no one there. As I walked on there was this big piece of plastic in front of me so I decided to push the buttons. Nothing happened so I rapidly kept on pushing the buttons so something would happen.

I got so angry that I pushed the plastic thing off the table and it disappeared in front of me.

suddenly something caught me by the neck.

The New Boss By Killian.M

I am really excited. I can’t wait to meet our new boss.”Hello everyone. I am your new boss,”I heard. I turned around to see…a monkey. Really. Of all the people they could choose they chose a monkey.”Okay everyone, I have set a few rules in place. Rule number one: Never…”,he started. Crash!He just threw the laptop of the table.”Who turned off the WiFi?! I was just watching Dan TDM! Who did it?!”he shouted. Bob put his hand up.”You’re fired!”,he yelled.”But you can’t…,”Kate started.”You’re fired too,”the monkey shouted at Kate. I could tell that our time with him will not be very good. It will be horrible.

Week 14 MY COMPUTER!!! by Laurynas

“What are we going to do with him?” said Jack in a worried tone.

Before I continue let me tell you two things:

  1. NEVER go wandering near the back of a circus.
  2. DON’T let a monkey in your house.

When I took this monkey in the house it went bananas ( get it? ) and wrecked everything. Thank God my mother wasn’t there, she’d act like the monkey. We gave him the computer to play with. It worked for  while but then he tossed through the window. I guess it was useless even when we bought it.

The monkey went crazy again.

“Do you think it’s hungry?” asked Jack.

Fireworks set off in my mind and it was like winning a prize of infinite coins.

” To the fridge!” I shouted like a captain to his army.