Week 14 My Super Duper Bees By Danny

Hi my name is John and I love BEES. My friends are into things like music and sports just to name a couple but my hobby is looking after and caring for my bees. So you could say I have an obsession with bees. I have 2 hives in my back garden and I love seeing bees come and go from there.

On the day of my birthday my parents got me a big hive with metal bees on it but inside those bees were little houses for my bees. It was the best present ever.

PS: I called it Eureka Tower because that was the first word I said when I saw it.

Week 14: We Should Have Listened By Marc

“Our world is being destroyed by us,” announced every president in the world.  “We are killing all the bees which is killing our crops at the same time.”

That was 50 years ago and we should have listened. There was now only 1 bee left. After that bee died we had no crops left in any country. Suddenly the sky just turned black. The sun was being blocked by something but nobody knew what it was. Straight after that happened, it looked like the sky was falling. A massive bee came out of nowhere. Then swarms started coming. They were coming for their revenge. 

Week 14 Repay By Matthew D

I was patrolling up and down the hallways of Melbourne Bank. It felt strange. It felt like eyes were watching me. It felt suspicious. I then went for a cup of tea and some biscuits but I’d to leave my tea and biscuits as bees were somehow robbing the bank. I chased after them as quick as I could and saw them on top of the computer manufacturing building. I asked them why they stole the money .Somehow they could write and they said that they help our world and now it’s time for us to repay them. I found the courage to say no but that’s when they attacked.

Week 14: Stupid Simon By Naglis

“Almost finished..,”I groaned with frustration.

“I only have to get the batteries.” I rushed out the door enthusiastically .

“Where’s Scientist Sam?” questioned the new intern Simon. “He must have left  this strange, eerie looking gun for me!”

Meanwhile,  I was strolling down the street peacefully, searching for the nearest store. I purchased my batteries and headed home.

“At least I have batteries handy,” sighed Simon.

ZAP. Uh oh. Walking back without a worry in the world my eye caught a glimpse of the Eureka Tower.


Week 14 Beastly Bees By Szymon

Bees were rapidly becoming extinct. Scientists were continuously trying to stop it from happening. They decided to make a mutated bee that would live forever unless someone killed it. For the first couple of weeks, it was fine but then they started attacking humans for no reason. If you got stung there was a high chance you would die. They started to grow in size and after a couple of days they were the size of footballs. The scientist couldn’t find a way to exterminate their hive on Eureka Tower. They decided to bomb it.

Week 14, I’m a Zoologist, by Mikolaj

“Woohoo, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

I have finally trapped my first bee in a jar. I looked up what to do with a bee and all it said is to let it free because without bees I’d be dead. I obviously didn’t believe that so I researched more about it and I automatically believed it. I let the bee free and gave it a little bit of nectar. Later on I decided I should look for more bees and I found a group of them stuck in their own honey. I let them out to be free.