The Hand By Killian Week 16

I was walking down a street in Dublin one day. When I saw a giant hand with a face on it on top of a building. It jumped off and ran down a dark alley. I chased after it and saw it jump in a rubbish bin. I did too.

I was zapped into a really big maze. I saw the hand turn a corner and jump into another bin. What was it with these bins? But anyway I followed and ended up in a spooky mansion and saw the hand run through a door and I saw a giant room full of them…

Week 16 “What If… A Hand was a Person?” by Laurynas

” Hey Mark, what if a hand was a person?” asked Jack.

Mark and Jack were walking down the street playing their “what if ” game for about the tenth time. They loved the game but sometimes Jack’s questions were a bit weird.

” Yeah right,” answered Mark ” I could bet you a million euro that would never exist”

The two boys continued on walking until they reached a village. The village was called Greenhill and it was a quiet and peaceful place. Suddenly a strange figure started shouting on a roof.

It looked like a hand with fingers for its arms and legs. It continued on shouting for a while and then disappeared. Mark stared at the place where he had seen the hand.

” Pay up now ” said Jack with a smile.