Week 18 Released by Matthew D

There I was, driving down the M50. I was in a big rush. My son was playing in his first ever inter-county match. I couldn’t resist speeding because I didn’t want to miss the match. I came to a red light and broke it. Two minutes later, a Garda car comes up behind me and I’m under arrest. I mooched into the station with my head held low as I was embarrassed. He questioned  me about why I had broken the red light. My reply: “but it is SO slow and I couldn’t miss my son’s match.” I was released. Thankfully.

Week 18 The Ultimate Snail Race

Today, I found a snail in my garden. He was slim and not chubby. I started watching videos on how I can get my snail to slide faster. On Monday, I came to school. A few seconds after sitting down, a friend challenged me to a race. He would then keep ranting on about how great his snail was.


I was focusing on his to see if he would really dash out with speed…but it is so slow I thought he might have fed it a bit too much. It died at the end of the race. He took the failure badly and never raced again. My snail also died later.

Week 18: Eerie Estate By Naglis

“Bye, Mom!” I shouted cheerfully.

Strolling peacefully through town, I walked past an estate I’ve never seen before. But there was one house that stood out. The dry, bare grass was turning into a sandy colour, the tree was losing its leaves and the windows were boarded up carelessly. I tried to erase it from my memory while listening to joyful catchy songs. I glanced down the hill and I could make out the bully, Seth, darting towards me. I hopped on the nearest bike and skedaddled away.

“But it is so slow,” I muttered.

I dashed into the eerie house without thinking. As soon as the door slammed shut I knew I was doomed…

Week 18 The Broken Kettle By Danny

One morning, I woke up and walked down stairs. I put on the kettle and went up to get dressed. About 10 minutes later I went down stairs to see if the kettle had boiled. It was still boiling so I sat down and drifted off to sleep without meaning to.

When I woke up I looked at the kettle and it was still boiling. I went to get my mother to tell her that the kettle was broken. She said it was grand when she used it so I said, “But it is SO slow I could run a marathon and it still wouldn’t be ready.” I then copped on to what my mother had said, she said that she used it early on so it must have been her who used it.

Week 18: Never going to be the same By Marc

I was going out to my garden, but while  I was going there I saw something in my neighbours’ garden. Me, being the person I am, I walked into  their garden. I saw a piece of paper with some writing on it and I read the writing. Suddenly the board lit up. Everything seemed normal at the start but then everything was definitely not normal. I was going back into my house but my Mom was as slow as a slug. I walked outside on the road and the car looked normal but it is SO slow I can run to the shop and back and it will still be there.

Week 18 UPS by Mikolaj

So I was lying down, watching some T.V and I heard this really loud car outside my house. I decided to check on it because I didn’t know what brand it was. I went out and I knew it was going to be Lexus. I liked the sound of the engine so I decided to invest in the car which had the price of $37,000, not bad because I’m a billionaire so it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. I got it and it was so slow I sold it right away, although it had a nice engine sound.

Week 18 The Bus by Mathew O’G

It was a dull and dreary Monday evening.                                                                          I was on the bus home from Dublin…UGH!                                                                         The line of traffic seemed endless.                                                                                       Will we ever get home? I thought.                                                                                          After about 45 minutes we moved only inches though.                                             Finally, we were on the move again but it is so slow I nearly lost my head.          My head was like a balloon

It was about to burst…and eventually it did burst!                                                                            I screamed as loud as a mega phone.                                                                                    Babies began to cry and some people covered their ears.                                            I got thrown out of the bus onto the main road.

Week 18 Road Trip by Szymon

My family and I decided to go for a road trip from Poland all the way to Venice. It was very boring for the first 12 hours but when we reached the hotel, I was excited. We stayed there for the night. I was also excited to finally eat an actual meal. When we were on one of the main roads, we got stuck in traffic. Cars reached further than I could see. When we moved, I was excited but it was SO slow I became immediately disappointed. I had a great time in Venice.

week 18 My Car By:Tadhg

I LOVE MY AMAZING,FANTASTIC,AWESOME,INCREDIBLE,MIND-BLOWING ,HIGH TECH, FUTURE CAR♦ It has wheels that fold inwards so it can float on water ♦ It also has wings that shoot out from the side of the car and anti-slip wheels with chains on them so the car can climb up mountains♦ It has a big boot for carrying things and it has seven seats♦ It can teleport and it has tinted windows♦ It is almost flawless but it is so slow I decided to sell it on amazon for 9.5 million euro and if somebody buys it I will be RICH!!!!!!!!!!! ♦                                                                                         ♦©