week 19 The Endless Terror by Julius.

“Run you fools!” the captain shouted in a frightened voice. We ran quickly past the burning vehicles but the smell of gas was too much and I could no longer breathe properly.

But I didn’t have much choice and carried on running. A while later we came to the factory where we first landed for the mission .

We went inside and hid behind the boxes and waited for the attack. We did not know what it was or where it was from but we knew where it was going .

Suddenly it came down the drainpipe and we braced ourselves for what was coming.


Week 18 A Close Call by Laurynas

” Statue 1, do not move! You’ll give us away!” whispered  Statue 3.

” I cannot feel my legs, my head is itchy and how much longer do I have to stand in the same position?” answered back Statue Number 1.

” It’s easy ,Statue 1, all you have to do is… ah… what do you have to do?” said a confused Statue 2.

Just then a little boy passed them and overheard their conversation. He stared at them for a moment still eating an ice-cream.

” There is nothing to see here, we are just some ordinary statues, ” informed Statue 3 to the boy in a robotic voice.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh… okay, I’ll just be going on my way then,” said the boy very confused with himself.

” Thanks Statue Lord, that was a close call,” whispered Statue 1 but the others ignored him.