Week 20 The Chase Was On by Julius.

Nervous, I put on my black mask over my face and loaded my gun. We jumped out the van in a hurry and only had five minutes to get back from the bank .

I ran into the building  and fired a bullet into the ceiling and started roaring at the banker and told him to give me the money and if he didn’t I would  give him a present .

We came back with bags of money and I ran for my life out of the building before the police had got there .

We got in the van and I started driving.  When we were moving very fast  the police started driving into the van and the chase was on.

Week 19 The Mistake by Laurynas

It was the third day of chaos. Volcanoes exploded, tornadoes blew everything away and tsunamis flooded countless cities. It was all thanks to this monster who changed a peaceful world into a living nightmare.

I was in my half-flooded home when I saw something moving outside in the open. It was the shape of a little man with a tail and some horns ( I wonder who it was ?) In my opinion, it thought this was a water park  because it was climbing up a roof ready to jump in.

Unfortunately it slipped and it came down the drainpipe. Once it reached the water it sank like a stone. Two bubbles rose to the surface and popped.

” Well that’s something you’ll won’t see everyday!” I said with a laugh.

The Spider By Killian Week19

I was outside playing when I saw a pikachu on the roof. Then it came down the drainpipe. When it got down it shape shifted into a GIANT SPIDER!

I was petrified but I gathered all my courage and ran down the street. It jumped straight over me. It was a jumping spider! It was eating all the cars when suddenly, a giant egg came out of it.

The giant egg hatched and the babies grew rapidly. Soon there were giant spiders everywhere! They all turned to look at me. They jumped at me and this is where I say goodbye. Goodbye.

Week 19 Drainpipe by Callum

I had just came home from school. I was so tired. I went into the kitchen and laid my books out on the table. My eyes were heavy but I forced  myself to work. After an hour I was finally done. I went straight upstairs. Then I heard a noise. There was something in  the drainpipe. Then I saw this green stuff come out of the drainpipe. It formed into a man! “Oh my God,”I said. I was cooking some beans. I smashed it onto him and he melted slowly away. “Oh my God,” I said. “Oh my God!”