Week 2: Deadly Door By Naglis

I always wondered, what was in that house. I was going to find out tonight. It was an ancient, black, wooden house with all the windows boarded up. I swiftly skedaddled across the road, making sure no one spotted me. I slowly twisted the handle and the door creaked open. I arrived at a long, eerie corridor. I turned on my flashlight. My heart was thumping inside me like a drum. The smell was of damp and decay. I could hear myself breathing heavily. I tiptoed cautiously. My flashlight started flickering. I could feel the sweat trickling down my spine. I reached a door half off its hinges. I shoved it open. Then everything stopped and the door slammed shut…

Week 2 Don’t Look Back By Matthew D

“Quick or else we’re going to get caught! ” I said.

We scurried down the corridor as quick as our legs could carry us. We went into a room painted black with only a light bulb hanging from the ceiling in it. Suddenly the light flickered on.

Then everything stopped and a guard sauntered over to us. He showed us his ID. He was 24. He seemed vexed so he appeared to be in his early thirties.

He then roared, “Hand back the cash!”

I dropped and spun around into the long corridor. I opened the wooden door so quickly I almost knocked it over. I then darted home without looking behind me.

Week 2, The Biggest Fail Ever, by Mikolaj

So I really wanted to know did Pennywise actually live in the canal so I just hopped inside. I was half way there and suddenly my phone rang. I forgot to turn the volume down. That’s just me, what do you expect? I think he heard me so I ran as fast and far as I could. I spotted him. I was strong and I was confident. I don’t know why he asked me for a cup of tea. I said yes and I drank it all. Then everything stopped and he killed me. What a fail. Mission failed, we’ll get it next time.

Week 2 A Normal Day by Szymon

It was a normal Sunday. My parents and I went to the mall and it was a long drive. First we went to buy some clothes and I had to buy some shoes, so I bought a pair. We then went to eat something and while I was waiting for my food I saw an odd looking man dressed in black. There was something suspicious about him. It was as if he was in a rush to get out of the building. I completely forgot about it  while we were going to a store. Then everything stopped  and it was the calm before the storm. I heard someone shout “Bomb!”

Week2: Clowns Aren’t that Funny By Sean

There was a circus in town and I could not go because I was sick. There was a red balloon. As soon as I saw light it was gone. I felt myself being pushed. There was a clown and a dog, a weird funny dog, and there was a loud laugh. And  then everything stopped and then I saw what was pushing me all this time. It was a clown and his name was Pennywise the dancing clown. Then I woke up and it was all a dream…….


Week 2, Benny by Tim

We finished unpacking and I tried getting used to my new room. My Mom told me to go to bed. While  looking for my pyjamas, I saw a nametag on the closet door, ‘Benny Tompson’ it read. My dad told me that the original owner’s child had died in my room. I went to bed.

3am. I heard a voice coming from the closet door.

“Join me, Tim.”

I went under my cover and looked up again. A boy with ragged clothes was staring at me with yellow, glowing eyes. He got closer and then disappeared.

9am. My room was covered in blood. I screamed when he appeared again. My mom ran in and grabbed my arm and we fled in the car. He is still in my head to this day.



Week 2 Time Machine By Ciarán


“Son, how many times do I have to say it to you not to touch anything?”

“Sorry Dad.”

“It’s ok  but if you do it again you will be punished… What is that thing you are working on and why did call me in here? ”

As he said that a cold and misty wind entered the futuristic room.


“We can go to the future like the movie. NO! This is better, you can stop time. Well I can, not you.”

He lunged over and pressed the button. Whoosshhh! Then everything stopped and I made a big mistake…………

Prison By Jack Week 2

“Hey, Peter, did you see that guy? I think his name is Professor Frank .”

“Yeah, didn’t he make some sort of mind control thing? ”

“Yeah, that’s right. ”

“Know what I’d do if I had that sort of power?”

“Hmm, let me guess! Try and break out of here again?”

” Yes, exactly Keith. How did you know?”

“Because every time you get a little bit of motivation, you try and break out of here and guess what? It would probably fail just like your last fifty-two attempts.”

“Hey, my thirty-second attempt nearly worked.”

“Yeah, well, it didn’t. You got as far as the crocodiles, then got your leg bitten off. Anyway, Peter, back to Professor Frank.  They say he’s a nutcase and he’s going try and take over the world with his mind control. ”

“Yeah I … ”

Peter was just about to finish his sentence when his eyes turned red , and so did Keith’s. Then they heard a voice …

Week 1: Men In Black by Sean

One day two men in black were standing with a flag and they were talking  about the war. They were having some fun and laughed   at me when I walked past them. One of them asked, “Are you homeless?”

I was so I said yes. They laughed even harder. They were the bullies that hit my dad. So I said that bullying is not right because karma is real and they were wrong.  They got pushed into mud and they were not happy and I won the lottery. My dad and I were so happy we bought a new house and lived happily ever after.