Week 21:The Acorn of Peace. By Shane C.

The Ashes and Oaks conflict had been going on for years now as the Oaks still couldn’t get over the game of soccer they had lost three years ago. The war would hit the clock today.

The two armies stood facing each other with the look of death on their faces. The oaks were one man down but only to their advantage.

He lay on his stomach up on the top branch of his home as the throwing of keys and acorns commenced.

The Oaker had the biggest acorn of all and as the Ashes walked underneath him he pushed it over the edge. This killer blow brought peace over the enemies and the acorn is now known as the Acorn Of Peace.

Week 21 Camp Wood by Laurynas

“Sir, we received news from the border and our tree ninjas  are retreating.” said Ash.

The humans were cutting all the trees down not sparing a single one of them. There are only a few dozens left but every day one of them still dies. Now the generals have come to a meeting to end this.

” We must attack  the humans or we’ll all die one by one.” said General Birch.

” This is too risky, we must defend the last tree citizens.” answered back Sapling.

” And die ourselves- ”

” Good news, General, the plants in England have agreed to join our army and running as fast as their roots can take them. ” Ash interrupted.

” O.k, we shall strike tomorrow and end the human greed forever.” shouted Birch with a grin.