Week 22:The Seizure Of The Blue Planet. By Shane C.

It was Day Three of the so called “Flying Goldfish Apocalypse” in  Singapore. It had all begun when Harry Emerald’s spell to turn a goldfish brown had gone all wrong and created multiple, giant, ugly goldfish that were determined to soon seize the blue planet.

This wouldn’t happen though, not on my watch. I had climbed up one mammoth ladder to reach the top of the second highest building in the land, the Republic Plaza. I lay with my sniper rifle  at the ready as the “goldfish” flew through the air.

I slowly took aim. Suddenly a roar came from the top of the ladder. “Don’t shoot……”


Week 22 Mischievous Simon by Laurynas

Simon looked out the window and saw that it was raining . His pet, Samantha ( the goldfish ) swam slowly in circles like always. Samantha was a magical fish and only Simon knew that.

” Samantha, can you stop this rain?” asked Simon. Samantha wriggled her tail and the rain stopped.

Simon, on the other hand, was a mischievous boy and always  thought of mischief. He saw a bird perched on a branch but suddenly it flew away into the distance. He also saw his neighbor walking out with a brown ladder.

Samantha was already eyeing him suspiciously knowing what he was thinking. Simon turned around and saw that she was staring at him.

” Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of mischief.” said Simon but Samantha knew that behind his back, his fingers were crossed.

My Strange Day By Killian.M Week 22

I was playing with my goldfish when I saw something fly by. It started to circle the house and then flew to the chimney. It magically pulled a ladder out of thin air and climbed down the chimney into the kitchen. It slowly made it’s way towards the goldfish  bowl and poured a brown liquid into it. The water immediately turned turquoise and my goldfish jumped out and flew away. The thing tried to fly away but I caught it and shoved it into a pot. I carefully opened the pot to find… a green goldfish. I kept it as my pet and it didn’t like me.

Week 22 The Grand Final By David A

It was finally the Golf Final and I had qualified for it. I knew I’d be playing with all the top players. I was nervous. I was at the first hole. They called it the water competition because it was right next to the sea. I wanted to win the Golden Goldfish more than  anything.

I was at the first hole and I swung my club. I watched it as it flew down the fairway. It was trouble as I landed in the brown grass underneath the trees.

I saw the best of the best on the Greens putting slowly to  make sure they didn’t miss. I could see Jim Harrington, the best in Ireland, being interviewed in front of the ladder by the clubhouse.

I didn’t have a good day. How would I recover?