Week 26 Desert Hopes David A

It was hopeless. We were probably going to die out in the roasting, hot sun. I was starting to get blisters on my feet from the yellow boiling sun.

I looked over at my thin, dehydrated friend who looked like if he took another step he would simply just turn into dust and blow away. As we walked up a sand dune we could see the shiny looking mirages. We came to the top of the hill and looked down at the dead wastelands of dried up plants and tumbleweeds. We looked all over and saw a something that looked like a pool of water. As we dropped everything and ran down we both had that tiny bit hope.

Week 26: The Tiger’s Teeth By Shane C.

I stood narrowing my eyes, searching for the yellow tiger that had been hunting me down only a minute ago.  I was hiding behind a tiny bush making myself as thin as possible.

I moved further into the bush until”AAAh,” a thorn pricked my finger. All of a sudden I heard the pandamoneum of what sounded like a tiger approaching.

I didn’t move an inch. I held my breath and did everything to avoid making any noise.

The next form of civilisation I saw was that tiger’s shiny teeth and it was also the last thing I saw.