Treematized By Killian Week28

I was in the woods minding my own business when I came across  half a wooden statue. It immediately started growing it’s body and when it was done started chasing me. I ran and looked for the highest tree I could find.  I climbed to the top. It’s legs grew to my height and grabbed me. It shoved me into the ground. Suddenly, twigs came out of my hands and I started turning into a tree. I grew up through the ground and now I remain there forever more. Until…

Week 28 The Run by Laurynas

The thing raced down the street ignoring the eyes that stared at it. The thing had to get out of this planet before it was caught. It only had to run down a few streets before it reached its spaceship.

Suddenly armoured vehicles surrounded it and little creatures pointed little guns at it.

” We have you surrounded, don’t do anything funny and we won’t hurt you.” shouted one of the little creatures.

The thing stopped for a moment, crouched and took a giant leap. It flew over the creatures’ heads and ran off. The air was filled with noise but the thing ignored the noise. It had almost made it, it was almost home .

week 28 The Dark Forest by Julius.

Cold, scared, hungry, I walked through the dense forest with caution. I felt like I was being watched by thousands of eyes .

Light began to shine through the trees and there it was, the bronze giant  but where was the rest of it, I whispered to myself .

Suddenly it began to move and I began to move backwards but I had put my back to the tree. What am I going to do now? I thought. Run maybe?

It began to walk slowly towards me. I got up and began to run. I turned around and he was gone out of sight …

The Iron Giant By David A

It was nearly 100 years ago to the day that there was a fight between the iron giants and the wooden giants. Over 1,000 iron soldiers fought and over 900 hundred were killed. They had been programmed to save the human race. Nowadays the last few robots are stored in museums but there are still some out there.

In school we were doing a nature project so I decided to go into the forest after school to pick up some things for school. I came up to a tree not really paying attention and banged straight into a metal leg. On that leg there was a little button. I pressed the button and all of a sudden it turned on and  all the pieces came together and standing in front of me was a big iron giant.

The Lost Leg by Charlie

One day I was walking down the road with my alien friends. We were on Planet Earth. But suddenly I tripped on a stone and fell. My legs snapped off. I was horrified. My friends rushed me to the space ship and we left. We rushed to the hospital in Mars. Then I got the sad news. I would never get my leg back. Then we got some surprising news. Earth was being attacking by hostile aliens. This was my chance to be a hero. I got to Earth and got out the blaster and shot the enemy down. Even though I lost my leg I saved a planet.

Running As Fast As The Wind By Killian Week 28

Tom is training a secret team of agents to run faster than every living thing. Today is training day and the agents have started running. These are special agents with  powers to run really fast. When they have finished he looks at the results. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to complete the task. So he invented a pill that can make even the slowest thing ever really fast. So he gave one to each of the agents and like he said they ran fast. But, maybe a bit too fast. They ran so fast the treadmills broke and exploded. What have I done he thought…

Week 26 The Golden Flower by Laurynas

Josh and Micheal walked into the entrance of the cave. They started having second thoughts of going in but they knew it was too late. After researching  the legends about the “Golden Flower” they had to see if the legends were true.

After walking a while in the cave they saw a yellow light shining in the distance. They ran towards it and saw the flower. It had shiny petals made from gold and it had a thin, golden stem. There were tiny pebbles surrounding the flower.

Micheal reached out for the flower. It was hopeless to stop him because he was the kind of person who didn’t like being told what to do. Suddenly a scratching noise was heard behind them and the two boys knew that they weren’t alone.