Week 3: Rotten Rottweiler By Naglis


I could hear a loud, alarming voice in the distance. I had to find out what it was. My parents had warned me to never go past the Potter’s house, but curiosity got the better of me. I quickly hopped onto my bicycle in a desperate effort to get there in time. In the distance, I could see a vast amount of houses but one stood out in particular. I could see the dried- out yellow grass in the garden, and on it a massive brown rottweiler. I could see its bulging, red eyes staring into mine. It darted towards me and greedily bit my leg. “AARGH!!”. 

Week 3, The Only Bike I had, by Mikolaj

The only way that I could travel was by bike or by a  fast sprint. It was all because there was a yellow Labrador dog in my estate that was desperate for food. There were signs but they only warned a few people because the others ran for their lives. Suddenly my bicycle chain came off, so all I had to do was RUN! I was running but I knew I would have no energy in a minute. Meanwhile, I realised he was not chasing me so I greedily guzzled from my water bottle and came up to the sign and leaned on it.

Week 3: Greed Is Too Powerful By Marc

“Brainy Brian, come look at this,” Alert Alan shouted.

There was a mysterious gold box in a deary, wretched place. It was 2 pm so Alan went home on his brand new yellow  bicycle. It was dinner time for Alan, but he couldn’t eat. He saw his little brother wolfing down steak. Alan couldn’t get that gold box off of his mind but Brian warned  him about it. Greed was too powerful so he went to the bathroom and broke the window, he was so desperate. He cycled all the way to Pool Park. He opened the door and walked in. Suddenly the door closed but greedily he went to the box. He saw a enormous spark…..          His dinner went cold.

Week 3 The Forest by Szymon

I was warned never to go into that forest. It is said that whoever goes in doesn’t make it out. But there I was, thinking I could make history. I rode into the forest on my bicycle. I was always being called yellow so I tried to prove to them that I was not. Sometimes, sometimes I wish I didn’t. Straight away, I rode into a gigantic root. I was desperate to regain my balance but I fell into a ditch. I saw around a dozen vicious eyes looking at me. I started to run but they chased me greedily. They were faster.

Week #3: “Cursed Street.”By Sean

I liked my new yellow bicycle.

Well until my friends warned me not to go through CURSED Street.

Any time I say the name of the place, I feel a shiver go down my spine.

But it was the fastest way to school.

Then a man jumped out and pushed me off my bicycle and  a dog locked on to my leg.

I screamed with desperate pain.

Then with all my strength, I ran away home and I never went there  again and I still remember the dog greedily devouring my shoe.

I hope that no one will go there again……


Week 3 PEDAL FASTER!!!by Mathew O’G

It was Saturday morning, I was on my bicycle, escorted by my dad.                       He warned me not to worry if a yellow dog started to chase me.                               We cycled past a huge house and the I saw it… the biggest dog I have ever seen running toward me.                                                                                                            Drool was flying out of its mouth and all over the place .                                           Desperate to escape, I greedily grabbed a stick and fired it with all my strength . The dog came to a halt and darted toward the stick.                               I was safe .


Week 3, The Man in The Yellow Hat Part 1 by Tim

My friend Dylan invited me to a sleepover. I thought it was weird. A lot of kids were going missing.  I arrived at his house on my bicycle. Turning around I saw a man in a yellow  hat staring at me. The door opened. Dylan let me in. I was desperate to go to the bathroom but I held it in. At dinner I saw Dylan’s dog greedily chewing on his toy. Afterwards upstairs, the man in the yellow hat appeared. He disappeared along with Dylan. I ran to tell Dylan’s parents but only found their corpses. I darted to the back door and ran to the police station but when I got there all I could see were more bodies…

Week 3 Wrong Place, Wrong Time By Ciarán

Beep Beep Beep~~~~~~~~ I was in a coma for 6 months. You are probably wondering how I am here. Well it at all began when I kicked my ball over the wall to my neighbours’ garden. It was late at night and I went to get my ball. My parents warned me not to but I was determined so I opened the door and walked into the dark and gloom. Then I spotted a yellow bicycle just like my brother lost a couple months ago. I snatched it greedily. I turned around and a dark figure was standing there and said, ” Your time has come.”