Week 31, by Mikolaj

I was on vacation with my family and we went to the local shop to buy some food. I wanted a roll with butter and cheese and my sister got reeses. We went exploring the city and it was beautiful. We got to a castle and you could’ve gone up one of the towers of the castle and I decided that I wanted to. I had to jump over a 50 feet drop and I asked myself, “Should I really do this?” But then I decided to not be risking my life on a view. I loved the city!


Week 31 Emerged from the Dark By Matthew Deady

The ghost of Milltown comes around every thirty years on the 1st of May. And today is the 1st of May. It comes out for three hours between 9 and 12. Everyone in the town is preparing for a horrific night.  In a press conference, the town mayor ordered the people to batten down the hatches. I want to see the ghost emerge from its grave so I’m going to go down there…

It’s 8:59 and I’m waiting anxiously. The moon is behind the old horse chestnut tree. And as the town bell dings for 9:00 the ghost bursts out of the grave and goes tearing down the path towards Milltown.

Week 31 The Hunt: by Tadhg

I stared at the glimmering moon, listening to the wolves howl. The pack of wolves were hunting, hunting me. I raced past the old shack on the hill almost tripping on the stones at the abandoned graveyard. I glanced back and saw the first wolf appear by the shack. It was pure muscle, you could tell it was the alpha. I knew I had no chance. The wolf leapt at me and I closed my eyes waiting for impact when suddenly a man knocked me onto the ground . I knew I had to repay him for saving my life, but only if we survived the night.

Week 31 I Will Never go to That House Again!!! By Danny

It was 5 o clock on the 31st of October. My two friends, John and Tom, came over to go Trick or Treating. We went down Wall Street to Mr and Mrs Walsh’s house first as we knew them very well and they gave children more than a fair amount of Candy.

As the night came to a close, we skedaddled  down O Brien Street to Mr George’s house. When we came to the gate we noticed there was a slight breeze blowing the trees in his garden and from my point of view it looked as if it was haunted.

We walked along the dreadful, rocky pathway when out of the house we heard a scream and that was the last time I went Trick or Treating to Mr George’s house.

P.S. I never saw Mr George AGAIN!!!