Week 32 Bandits By: Tadhg

It was getting dark. We raced through the woods towards the town. I jumped off my horse and sprinted towards the town square. The village was being attacked by bandits. I pulled out my pistol and glanced at my best friend Harry. He nodded and we shot our guns in the air. The bandits stopped for a second and stared at us. There were six of them in total. One of them had a gun. He shot at me. It hit my gun and knocked it out of my hand. Harry shot at one of the bandits and he fell over clutching his stomach. We chased after the bandits as the village people watched us disappear into the night.

Week 32 I Didn’t Mean To Do It!!! By Danny

One dark  Autumn evening, my friends and I were playing hurling on the road near my house. We were having great fun until, ” BANG!!” I had put a hole in my neighbour’s car window. When we  heard the bang we disappeared into the night so that nobody could see us and blame us but we were too late. My neighbour came out just as we were running away and told us that she was going to call the guards.

The next morning our parents came to bail us out of jail.

My mother said,” Why did you do that ?”

But all that came out was,” I didn’t mean to do it!”

Week 32 Vanished By Matthew D

My friends and I were playing a massive prank on the class bully. At 9 o’clock tonight we were going to the soccer pitch. We knew he’d be there because he’d training with the local soccer club. We decide that we should wear white garments as he wouldn’t know who we were. We came at 8:59 and there we saw him. The coach blew the whistle and the training was over. We went over and started asking questions. He didn’t know who we were. We then ran. He followed us. We disappeared into the night. He almost fainted with the terrifying fright.