Week 35 The River by Tadhg

Jake was a Labrador. When we got him from the animal shelter downtown ,he was sick and had lice and a nasty rash. After a while Jake got better. The vet said he was just a year old. Jake and I would play all the time. One day Jake was missing. I checked the park, the forest and our field. I finally found him by the river sitting down and watching it flow. I called for Jake but he didn’t move. I dragged him back home and he didn’t do anything. He just sat on the ground looking back at the river. I wonder what he saw that frightened him so much.

Week 34 The Raccoon. By Danny

It was Monday morning again, start of the week. The sun was in the sky. I got dressed and then skedaddled  downstairs to eat my breakfast as I was running a bit late. Then the worst thing that could happen happened. There was a raccoon in my house, trying to get some food out of the cupboard.

When I saw it, I got a box and put it over it and then I hopped on a chair as I was still kind of scared. After a few minutes I picked up the box and brought it outside. I lifted the lid of the box and he jumped out of the box and landed on some leaves.

week 34 The Raccoon in the Box By: Tadhg

It was late afternoon. The midsummer sun was beating hard down on my chest and there was no sign of a cloud in the sky.  I rushed down the footpath heading to our new house.  I’d just got a message that the boxes had been delivered.  I arrived at the house and it didn’t look at all like the photo.  It was a rundown old house that needed more than a lick of paint.  I opened the door to the house and it creaked so loud the neighbour gave out.  I looked into the house and spotted a raccoon running upstairs.  I ran upstairs and I didn’t leave a leaf unturned searching for the raccoon that I finally found asleep in a box.

Week 34 The Noise by Szymon

The sky was so dark you could barely see anything and clouds were covering the moon. I was in my kitchen making myself tea.I sat down on a chair to drink it. Suddenly, I heard a noise in my garden. I decided to go and check it out so I grabbed a flashlight. A leaf fell in front of me. I saw a box turned over on its side and something in it. When I got closer I heard a hissing sound. I shone the flashlight into the box and I was so relieved when I saw that it was just a racoon.

Week 34 The Sky Diving Box By Matthew D

I was a normal boy on a normal street on a normal day when all of a sudden everything changed. I went to tie my shoe lace when a box dropped from the sky. I could see a racoon inside. It hopped out of the box chewing a leaf. The next day, I was walking on the same street at the same time when it came flying from the sky in a chair. It landed perfectly in front of me and ran. The next day it was plummeting from the sky on its own. I knew I had to save it. I dived forward…