Week 36 The Beast Next Door By Danny

It was a bright Saturday afternoon and my friend had come over to mess around and play some hurling. We were out in the  back garden when my friend hit the ball over the fence, into my neighbours’ garden. I said I would get it as I went over there often when my sliotar went over.

I first checked if the neighbours’ dog was there or as I liked to call him, ‘The BEAST’. He is a rottweiler.

Before I jumped over  the fence, I looked over it to see the rottweiler but thank God I couldn’t see him. I then jumped over the fence and got the ball but when I looked up he was there growling at me and that’s when I knew I should run.


Week 36 The Dangerman By Matthew D

There I was with my dad at the local bank when all of a sudden a badly dressed man came in. I could see something under his coat but I couldn’t make it out. He stood at the back of the line with a big smirk on his  face. I could see his golden teeth inside his rotting mouth. Then a gun emerged from his coat. That’s when I knew I should run. I sprinted down the street, my dad tearing up behind me. I could hear gunshots. I turned the corner and a bullet whizzed past my head. Then a man in front of me collapsed…