Week 37 The Ancestors By Matthew D

My ancestors found a gold viola in the eighteenth century . It has been passed down to the eldest son at midnight on their eighteenth birthday. And tonight is my eighteenth birthday. This viola is so ancient, it is worth millions. While I am at my party, I can see my father is beginning to get a little stressed. Then I hear it is lost. We searched until 11:30 pm and when we thought that there was no hope left, we stopped. I was heart broken I looked up to the ceiling and saw it dangling. I climbed up there and retrieved it as the church bell struck for midnight.

Week 37 Viola’s Adventure By Danny

Viola is a twelve year old girl from Italy. She is not like a  normal girl, normal girls love dolls but Viola loves exploring. She is also very mischievous. One day she went exploring in her dad’s rowing boat in search of lost gold in the ancient city of Atlanta.  She rowed to a nearby island not far from her home.

She searched for hours hoping she would discover the treasure. As night fell and it got darker she decided to head for home to leave her treasure hunt for another day.