Week 5: Gazing Gary By Naglis

Gary was a scientist. Not a normal scientist. He didn’t wear a fancy lab coat, instead he wore a goofy jumpsuit from the 80s. He was as arrogant as an overbearing politician. He was trying to prove that gravity wasn’t real. He lived in a bright pink cottage covered in graffiti. Every night at exactly 21:56 he would tilt his head upwards and stare into nothingness. As the years passed the people of St. Louis built a roundabout there. In a fit of rage, Gary let a roar out of him. Haughtily, he would stand there, tilting his head upwards and never moving.

Week 5 The Bent Head By Matthew D

Nobody ever mocked him.

Nobody ever spoke about him.

But that has all changed since he has moved.

Everybody mocks him.

Everybody speaks about him.

One day a small, scrawny man with a brown leather jacket and a black hat came up and had the nerve to ask him why he was so tall.

His reply, ” I eat my vegetables.”

The small man sneered at him. He then pushed the small man.

The small man hit him so hard that his neck and head bent back and got stuck.

He now stands in the same spot every minute, every hour, every day and never moves.

Week 5 The Dreamer By Ciarán

I always wondered what that statue was that I pass everyday on my way to school. Some of my classmates call it,”The Dreamer” because he looks like he is day-dreaming.

A few weeks later….

Something amazing happened, the head moved.. So I went out to investigate. I walked up to it and I was surprised because it was made out of tin foil. I let my curiosity get the better of me so I ripped it open and what I saw was inexplicable. It was the void. Then I heard a guard. I didn’t know what to do. I jumped in. I turned around and I got farther and farther and farther away from reality.

Week 5, The Nicest Man By Tim

In 1935, a worker named John Hudson died in a car accident in the city. The people of St. Louis were shocked because he was the nicest man in their state. Every single day after he finished work he would go around helping people in the district. People called him Biggy because he had big feet and he was tall. It was a compliment. He would help people finish painting their houses and others look for missing stuff. His death was devastating. He was held a massive funeral. People from all over the state went to it and a statue was built on a round-about in his honour. R.I.P John Hudson.

Week:5 Triple Trouble By Marc

“RUN!!” I shouted.

They were running from an alien attack. He ran to the wretched, dreary shed. They wont’ come in here, I thought.

Suddenly, I heard someone scream”Why can we see the moon so clearly?”

Bang Bang!!!!! It was a giant coming. It was true, there was an abominable giant crushing all the houses. The aliens started to attack the giant. The giant was destroying all the space ships. The the moon started falling. The giant stopped fighting and looked up. Suddenly, he froze from the aliens. The aliens captured everybody and were coming for me.

“Come on, John, its time for school. “

It was only a dream!!

Week 5 Litter Collector By Danny

Denny Double Chin was a famous person who used to live in St Louis with his two children, John and Millie. His wife had died a few years after the children were born. Denny used to work as a litter collector and used to go around town picking up rubbish. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Though the worst thing was that he barely saw his children. He was gone before they got up and was home when they were in bed. He usually only saw them at the weekend.

When he died 10 years on, everyone decided to make a big sculpture of him made out of rubbish. And of course they put his neck bent back because he used to always look up at the stars.

Week 5 The Attack by Szymon

At that moment, I knew I should’ve moved out of the way but all I could do was shout. My shouts warned some people but I couldn’t run. When my consciousness came back to me, I started to run and I took  one last glance above me. The fighter planes hovered above our town like eagles waiting for their prey. I told my friend to run and I ran into the church and rang the bell to warn the others. People straight away started to run but I couldn’t see the planes and I knew it was too late. I could hear bombs exploding in the distance.

The Amazing Alien Attack BY:Tadhg week 5

The world looked up as they saw our spaceship. They never saw it again. We went by the name of Draxians. Our code name was very secretive, our code name was…

AAA: A.K.A. AMAZING ALIEN ATTACK. We gathered a lot of intelligence on this planet about Area 51 and many more things. We thought we could take over the planet with our heads in the air. But we were wrong. Area 51 caught us off guard and we were stuck here ever since. A chill runs down my spine whenever I hear about it. But I am telling you this to come to Earth and free our kind.


Week5 AREA 51 By Kacper

I ran. Everyone ran. I was running as fast as I could and I saw people getting shot and lots of blood EVERYWHERE. I slid inside and ran through the hallway. I ran left and my friend went right. He was greeted by a huge half-bear, half-gorilla. I ran and I saw a huge alien-type creature and he was looking up. It only took a split second to try and attack me. I thought that it was over and then… BOOM… The military ran inside and finished it off. I ran but it was too late. I was arrested and sentenced to death.

Week 5 Andy by Mathew O’G

Once upon a time in St.Louis, there was a giant named Andy.                                  He  was over 8 feet tall!                                                                                                               Once he was walking over a roundabout when something shot through the sky.                                                                                                                                                       It was green and blindingly bright.                                                                                      He gaped in awe.                                                                                                                       He was watching it for hours.                                                                                           Every time it passed there was an “ooh”and an “ahhh”.                                           He was still standing there when it was dark.                                                                  Mother was concerned but the beautiful lights eased her worries.                    Andy was staring for so long that somehow his body was frozen and it became fossilised.


The Star Gazer By Jack Week #5

This is the story of a man who, in pursuit of his dream, got the name “The Star Gazer.”

He heard the cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning at half past seven. Wait? HALF PAST SEVEN! He got out of bed and got dressed as quickly as he could.

He was already late for his lesson with Miss… he didn’t think she had a name, everyone just called her Miss.

He was on his way to the secret place where she taught him when bang! crackle! pop! He heard a noise. He looked up. Oh no! Miss had warned him about this. He shouldn’t have looked up. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was looking straight at what looked like a cloud but it wasn’t. It was an evil spirit that would bind him to the place for all eternity. His body would freeze but his mind would still be operational. The thing that froze him was moving. He had no doubt it would go after Miss next…

week 5 Bad Nightmare by Oisín

I walk to school day after day and every day there’s this weird-looking statue, but in a good way. I was leaving school on a Tuesday and they were taking it down. I ran towards the statue. As I tried to stop them, I started pushing them in all directions. The police arrived and they pulled me out of the area and only then I started to think, I don’t know how I’m going to face my parents. I was on my way home in a police car. Then I found myself in my bed. Thank God, it was just a dream (a very bad dream)!