Week 9: I Will Get You Back By Marc

AAHH!!!!! screeched Delicate David. He said that the pumpkin moved from the windowsill to the ground. I just said that he’d probably knocked it down. I woke up the next day in a dark, dreary place. Drip Drip, there was a hole in the roof. I knew because water was falling on my head. Suddenly, 2 lights appeared out of nowhere. They were in a shape of a pumpkin. There was a white and an orange pumpkin. The orange one spoke first. “How dare you not believe that I moved!”I was shivering with fear. Surprise! It was just Dave the whole time.

Week 7, My little Sister by Tim

When I was young (about 12), my little sister used to annoy me so much. I thought having one would be easy but no, it was not. I had to look after her while my parents were at work. And that took a lot of work. One day, my mom  got my sister a toy unicorn that would make horse sounds. It was so annoying until this happened…

I heard her scream. I ran to check on her and there she was crying.

“WHERE’S MY UNICORN?” she screamed.

“I thought you had it,” I said.

“BUT WHERE DID IT GO?”  she shouted.

I looked around and saw it under her pillow. I gave it to her and she finally stopped crying. For a while.

Week 7: Phenomenal Portal By Naglis

I spotted the same man going to the same wall every, single night.

“What was going on?” I thought.

I was going to find out. My friend Emma and I skedaddled to the bushes and hid there. Waiting patiently in the bush, we slowly got drowsy….

“Aargh!” I bellowed.

I looked around, we still had time. It had been an hour of sleeping though it felt like a minute.

” There he is,” I rasped quietly.

Suddenly, I realised it was a portal! Emma shrieked with excitement.

“But where did it go?” she shouted.

We crept cautiously towards it, jumped at it… and you’ll never guess what I saw…

Week 7: WHY!!! By Marc

“Come on, Kevin,” Hailey exclaimed.

We were just playing in the park until a wicked lady came up to us. She had a rasping voice. She told us that our parents told her to collect us. We were only 8 years old so we went with her. She had a harsh, loud voice when she was trying to talk over us. Suddenly, we arrived at a cave. It was a very peculiar shape. We went inside the cave and we heard shrieking from beyond.

“But were did it go?” she shouted at another person.

Eventually, we realised that there was a cauldron in the cave.

“She’s a witch.”

We were never seen again.

Week 7 Daylight Robbery By Matthew D

Ireland was playing Wales in the Women’s Rugby World Cup Final. It was a tight, intense, edge-of-your-seat game. It was tied 19-19 with the final ten minutes left to play. The hits were hard, the space short but then with the clocking ticking down, it all changed.

“Come on!” roared the Irish captain and that’s when it all happened. The Welsh player robbed the ball off the Irish captain and scored a try.

“But where did it go?” shouted the captain as she was asking her teammates what happened. And then the final whistle sounded. The Irish players collapsed to the ground. They got so near yet so far.

Week 7 What a weird Morning By Danny

One morning as I slumped out of bed, I looked out the window. I could see a woman outside walking with her child. I closed my eyes drowsily and then looked back and saw her  loud and peculiar child had gone.

” But where did it go?” she shouted, (‘it’ meaning her child!).  I then skedaddled out of my room and bolted down the stairs. I nearly broke the door handle with how fast I was running. I went out to her and asked her where her child was gone. She said that she didn’t know but she selfishly accused me of taking it away. She then rang the guards and all I could do was watch and listen in sheer horror.

week 7 Annoying Sister by Oisin

I just got out of bed and my sister went mad because she lost her box of make up. But she doesn’t know that I dropped it down the toilet.

“But where did it go?” she shouted and that’s not the only time she said that.

She entered my room.

“Oisin, did you take it?”

I knew this was going to be a long day. After what she calls hours of accusing Oisin,  I finally went to the shop and bought her a new box of make up. When I got home ,this is what I heard :

“Oisin, that’s not the right one!”

So I went to the bathroom and dropped it down the toilet on purpose.

Week 7 What was the Score? by Mikolaj

“Ah, hello there!” Harry bellowed at Ethan.

” ‘Sup mate?  Wanna cup of tea?”

“Nah,” answered Harry.

They strolled to the sitting room to watch England play New Zealand in the rugby final. It was actually supposed to start in five minutes so they went for the cup of tea. They came back.

Harry asked, “Where is the tv gone?

“I don’t know bro,” Ethan said.

“But where did it go?” asked Harry.

“I don’t know. Let’s look for it before it starts.”

When they found it, New Zealand had won! What a result!

Week#7: Witches Keys Chapter 1 By Sean

One Halloween night,  all was happy until..!

HELP!” cried a little girl.

I spun around as fast as I could, but all I could see was a witch devour the poor little girl!

All that was left was a key which disappeared suddenly.

“But where did it  go?”she shouted.

The woman limped towards me.

                                 Then the Witch barked, “Who are you?”

Then there was a metallic, loud, harsh sound.

It went through my head.

I woke and all I saw was the witch with

the little girl, laughing.

It was a prank!

WK#7 Not Much by Abdul

I didn’t remember much when I woke up. My head felt like I just bumped into something. There was a key next to my cheek, I picked it up and opened the  rotting door. There was an old knife on the ground so I picked it up, hid it and ran. I bumped into a woman, she looked like she was in her twenties. She looked at me and asked where it was. She was mispronouncing her letters and words. I told her I didn’t know where it was. I ran away.

“But where did it go?”she shouted. I reached the metallic door and opened it to my freedom.

Week 7 LIES by Mathew O ‘G

“Ugh, Monday…..again,”I sighed as I slumped out of bed.

Then it suddenly hit me and I ignored the fact that everyone was asleep.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed for what seemed like an eternity.

I could hear the loud flapping of wings as a bird fled in horror.

“What is all this ruckus?” Mum whispered as the bags under the eyes expanded under the dim light.

“I forgot my home work at James’s house…and he’s gone on holiday,” I added.

I was breathing heavily, thinking about the consequences at stake. I nervously walked into the school, admitting that my homework was missing.

“BUT WHERE IS IT?!” the teacher screamed.


Week 7 What Door..? By Ciarán

“Coming, Mom….”
After 7 hours of misery ,I got on the bus to go home but on my way home  I saw this woman in a black coat. We stared for minute but then she just  disappeared. I had to find out. That night, I crept out of the house and there she was in a black cloak. She asked me to follow her. After a while walking, there was a wall in the way but she pointed to a crack in the wall. She gave me a note saying, “Call out what you see over there!” So I shouted that there was nothing and for the first time she spoke saying, “But where did it go?”

Week 7 Heavy Lifters By Kacper

One day there was a competition in my town. It was a Heavy Lifters competition. I went there to see my idol…EL PRIMO… It was very exciting and every one was there.  EL PRIMO’s rival was Richi Be.e. Richi lifted a truck with 1 finger while EL PRIMO lifted up a truck with his tongue. Richi lifted 5 trucks with 1 hand while EL PRIMO lifted 5 trucks with 1 finger. Finally, Richi tried lifting up 50 trucks but he failed and shouted, “It was heavier than I expected! ” EL PRIMO won and I was shouting and celebrating as loud as I could.