Week 9: Chubby Charlie By Naglis

“You have to start exercising more, Charlie. It won’t be baby fat forever!” my mother yelped.

My lazy self didn’t want to but my conscience knew I had to. The next day after school, I meandered home lazily. I changed my clothes and made my way to the woods. As soon as I started jogging my morale shifted instantly. After the first lap I was exhausted. My armpits were drenched. It felt like a soggy, disposed teabag had been stuffed down my shirt.

” Just one more,” I whispered to myself quietly.

I could feel the sweat trickling down my puffy cheeks.

“Aaaargh!” I plummeted to the bottom of a hole. I spotted two men with an orange and a yellow pumpkin over their  heads. The orange one spoke first. “You’d better have a great excuse for being here…”

Week 9 Regret By Matthew D

I was sauntering down the street when I came across two young men trick  or treating. They asked me would I go with them and I foolishly did. This was something that I was going to regret. They took me to their warehouse and shoved me into a damp, dilapidated room. There was a dart board in the middle of the room with my face on it and there was a red mark on my forehead. They put me onto a chair and the orange one spoke first, demanding aggressively for the gold. I stayed silent and he then picked the gun off the table.

Week 9 The Joke by Szymon

I didn’t bother to go trick or treating, neither did my friends. We decided to go to the cinema to watch a scary movie. We saw groups of children going around in costumes. When we reached the forest, I spotted two pumpkins under a tree. They weren’t lit but you could see some dim light coming out of them. I realised my friends weren’t with me anymore. I got closer and I could hear them speaking. The orange one spoke first. I recognised that voice from somewhere. I looked inside it and saw my friend’s phone.

Week 9, Why I am Never Going to The Attic by Tim

I was looking for my Halloween mask because I was going trick or treating with my friends. My mom told me that I should go and check in the attic. I didn’t want to because I kept hearing noise up there. I had no other choice so I just went up there. I looked around but couldn’t find it. While looking in old boxes, I spotted an orange light at the end of the attic. I tiptoed because I didn’t like the creaking noise on the wooden floor. Two pumpkins were there, a yellow one and an orange one looking at me with their beady eyes. The orange one spoke first. “Come closer, little boy.” I got freaked out. There was a hammer beside one of the boxes. SPLAT!!!!! SPLAT!!!. I hit both pumpkins and left.

Week 9 Disappearing Nurse by Oisín

I was playing with my friends at the end of the road until all of a sudden a weird man jumped out of the bushes and said, “The orange one spoke first!”in a creepy voice. He pulled out a carrot.

“I’m telling Mom and we’re taking him to hospital,” I said.

We were at the hospital and he was in a bed in some room.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nurse disappear. There was only a dagger in her place. When I turned around to tell Mom, she was gone too. Everyone was gone except for me.

Week 9 The Trolls by Mathew O’G

It was a normal day at the market. There were stalls selling flowers and some selling jerseys.                                                                                                                  But one stood out the most. A sign above read “Trolls”.                                          This made me feel suspicious. I just had to investigate.                                              The man selling them seemed eternally joyful. He was wearing a red t-shirt with rainbow effect shorts. I walked over confidently .

He greeted me in a harmonious voice.

“How much?”I asked in a deep tone that hurt my throat ever so slightly.             “$6.90.”

I bought two of them, a red one and an orange one and to my shock the orange one spoke first.

Week#9: Purple, Blue And Orange By Seán

Orange is for joy.

Blue is for sadness.

Purple is for fear.

The Orange one spoke first to make the world full of joy.

Then Purple spoke, “Let there be fear to guide  you.”

Then Blue spoke. “Let there be sadness so we will never forget the people we lose.

All the people asked, ” Why do you want to teach us?”

All that they said was, ” We are sent to tell you that humans  will always fail but they must learn from what they do wrong.”

Then they disappeared.

WK#9 Why Rob If You Don’t Know How? by Abdul

I was just shopping and then…”Everyone, get down now,”shouted a teenager with a blue torn mask on. He had a gun,a broken one. The shopkeeper then rushed for his phone. The blue masked teen then slapped him. I gasped at what I saw,t hen there was another guy doing nothing. Then the orange one spoke first as the blue teen tried to speak. I couldn’t really hear him. Then I thought, people robbing a game store. The blue guy walked over to one of the new games. I then punched him as hard as I could. I then picked his gun and scared the orange teen. I ran out with plenty games.

Week 9 Not Treat But Trick By Ciarán

My brother and I always go trick or treating but this year my mom had the late shift and my dad had the paramount job of protecting the vault. We were too petrified to go out into the dark and gloomy neighbourhood. So what we did was, we decided  not to treat but trick.


It was 19:30. The first trick or treaters got to our house. My brother greeted them and I hid in a bush. One was an orange and malicious witch. The orange one spoke first and bellowed, “Trick or treat!” My brother told her to look in the bush. She walked over. I pounced out and I shrieked, “NOT TREAT BUT TRICK.”

Week 9 The Odd One Out By Jack

I am what you might call ‘an odd one out’ or ‘the black sheep’.  But in my case, I’m not orange or yellow. Nor am I peach. I am white.

My father and mother were a peach and a yellow pumpkin. Not the greatest combination but if people thought that was bad they should’ve seen me . White pumpkins are meant to be evil , cruel , nasty pumpkins but I’m not like that. I still got dumped …into the sewers. I was sad and angry. The sewers were a smelly, dark wet place with mice and rats trying to eat you all the time. But I was going to get my revenge on the orange one, for it was the orange one who spoke first…