Week 7 The Failure by Szymon

“We are ready to go,” I announced.
We’ve been preparing for this robbery for almost a month. We grabbed our guns and were about to open the door.
” But where did it go? she shouted.
” Where did what go?” my other partner replied harshly. “Why do you always slow us down and fail us. Last week you almost got us caught.”
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him start raising his gun. She tried to win the argument but failed. She realised that he was lifting his gun but he was faster. BANG!

WK#6 Out Of School by Abdul

I’m in from break for running.I get in the room and ask for the bath room. I unlock a door leading to the office. I get in and then  I saw a safe. I check the lock and pick up the safe. I had the safe and it was heavier than I expected.I picked it up and put it on the table, I picked the lock.I  know I’m a thief but I’m poor so I have my reasons.I  take off my shoes to be silent. I get out and when I was walking home I realised I forgot my shoes.