Temple Of Shadows (Week 13 Paddy 6th)

The beast chased me down the cold, dark corridor. The stone stronghold was falling into folds of deep inky black in the beasts wake. We never knew that the promises of treasure from the ruins of Templo de las Sombras in Peru would hold such a vicious guardian. I had comrades on this adventure, but they were exhausted and decided to set up camp outside the temple. Lost in my regrets, I almost missed my escape. It would be tricky. I would have to leap towards the trap door, twist my body and pray that I didn’t miss it. I leaped…

One thought on “Temple Of Shadows (Week 13 Paddy 6th)”

  1. Wow, Paddy!

    What great use of adjectives to build up the suspense in your story.

    I hope that the leap was far enough…!

    From Michelle, Melbourne, Australia

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