The Amazing Alien Attack BY:Tadhg week 5

The world looked up as they saw our spaceship. They never saw it again. We went by the name of Draxians. Our code name was very secretive, our code name was…

AAA: A.K.A. AMAZING ALIEN ATTACK. We gathered a lot of intelligence on this planet about Area 51 and many more things. We thought we could take over the planet with our heads in the air. But we were wrong. Area 51 caught us off guard and we were stuck here ever since. A chill runs down my spine whenever I hear about it. But I am telling you this to come to Earth and free our kind.


One thought on “The Amazing Alien Attack BY:Tadhg week 5”

  1. Oooooooh Tadhg! Draxians! What a cool name and I like the way that you have used capital letters to emphasise the secret code, as special or different punctuation is always a really good tool to make your writing better.
    Thanks for this great response to an interesting prompt.
    Ms M #100WC

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