The Bermuda Island Legend By Kacper

The Bermuda Island Legend


Kacper Kolodziejczyk

Once upon a time there was an island under the sea in the shape of a triangle covered with dams. The island was called Bermuda Island. There was everything there such as shops, houses, people, animals and much more. The People of Bermuda Island were happy. The people who were always happiest were Dip and Mary. They were brother and sister. They lived happily until a ship was coming by and crashed into the port and destroyed a dam and the island was getting flooded.

Dip searched for his sister but he could not find her so he just ran. There was another ship that was passing by that took him and his parents. He soon became a pirate and he plundered across the world with his parents. He had every thing…but the thing he missed the most was his sister Mary. When he was seventeen he became a captain of the ship (Since his father has died). He soon found a wife and had kids.

One day he was travelling and he found a cave.  He went inside the cave to see what was there. He went by himself. He went further down and down until he heard screams . It was a woman’s scream. So he rushed down and found the woman. The woman said she went to explore this place and fell down and broke her knee. Dip grabbed the woman and carried her out of this place.

When they got out he realised it was his sister. They hugged and laughed. When they came back onto the ship, it was captured by other pirates and everyone died. They went back to the Bermuda Island (which was flooded) and threw them off and they died. They say if a ship passes, they think  the ship is the pirates and they try to kill them.