The Chase by Stephen

Kyle swerved around another corner clipping the kerb. He was driving in darkness, relying only on his memory of the town. He had his headlights turned off in case anybody spotted him . He was heading towards the tunnel which was the only way out of town. Kyle clipped another kerb and decided to slow down a bit. 10 minutes on and he was midway through the tunnel. Kyle could hear something coming towards him.Suddenly a truck came  out of nowhere. The light blinded him. He skidded off course and was heading towards the cliff edge. He tried to brake but it was too late.

One thought on “The Chase by Stephen”

  1. Well done Stephen, this is a great piece of writing. I love the detail of the scene that you have described. I wonder why Kyle was trying to escape. I could picture his desperate attempt to get through the tunnel.
    I really hoped he was going to make it. It doesn’t seem likely.
    Great work.
    Ms Brennock

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