The Christmas Dream by David L week 14

So I was just sitting on the sofa . It was the 17th of December and it was nearly Christmas time again . I was probably the most excited kid in town waiting for Christmas to come . There I was,staring at the wall with my blue eyes and then turning over to see the holly sticking all over the tree. And of course I’d never miss the beautiful blue baubles hanging off the tree. I looked under the Christmas tree to find some of my Christmas gifts. Most of them were from my mother. I wanted to open them but there are rules. One of them is to never open a present before Christmas Day.


One thought on “The Christmas Dream by David L week 14”

  1. Well done David! It sounds like you have lived this story yourself. I can see myself in this story too. 17th of December is a long wait but as you said you have to follow the rules. The decor your set was very nice. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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