The Christmas Intruder by Nathan #wk 14

It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep.I lay in my bed looking absent-mindedly up at the ceiling. I heard a window creaking open downstairs. I slowly got out of my bed and went out onto the landing.I crept downstairs to see what had come into my house on Christmas Eve.As I reached the bottom of the stairs, there were muddy prints on the blue carpet. There was something odd about the footprints, they were huge. I peered around the door and saw a creature with white fur,blue hands and blue feet. I dared not to breathe. Suddenly it shot its head up like it sensed my presence. It slowly turned to face me. Its face was blue, with holly berries in its hair, a present for a nose, ribbon for a mouth and a blue bauble where his other eye should be.I was frozen to the spot when a flash of light came from the creatures nose. Then I was seeing stars.