The Dream Dominic 6th class

Today I got a new present from my friends . They got me a bicycle so we can race . When it was night time , I went to sleep . I had a dream of me having a pink dress . I knew it was a dream and I turned back to normal . I found a room empty but a bike in it . Then a person fired a gun at me and I was crawling to a door with light coming out . Then I saw red and blue light coming from the door . I said, yes the police are here . THE END

One thought on “The Dream Dominic 6th class”

  1. I think I’ve had a few dreams which were equally strange Dominic, although fortunately not quite so violent! I wonder if the main character was still dreaming when the gun went off? I always wonder what dreams mean and what they’re trying to tell me. What do you think this dream was trying to say?
    Well done on including all five words and keep rising to the Challenge.

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