The Escape Week 13 By Cillian

They had to continue but they were exhausted. Sgt. Alex Mason and Corporal John Woods were escaping from a Russian Gulag during the Cold War. They had been imprisoned for the past 3 months and were getting tired of it. So one night they decided to escape. So here they were sprinting helplessly through the cold, wet, dense forest. Then they caught up with their former squad. They told them what had happened. So that night they decided to launch an offensive on the camp and they saved more than 500 prisoners from the camp. You see, when I say prisoners, I mean innocent people snatched up and put to work for the duration of the war. Although people were saved, the war wasn’t  over yet.

One thought on “The Escape Week 13 By Cillian”

  1. Well done Cillian. The ending of this piece is particularly strong as you talk directly to the reader. The part that maybe needs a bit of work is the catching up with the squad – probably because you need more words to explain how they did that. All in all, very effective writing!

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