The Escape Week 16 by Sean

Today was the day I escaped. I was going to escape from prison. I had been working on making a hole into the vents for a few months now and it was finally done. I slowly crept into the small tunnel and then into the vents. As I got to the outside vents I could see the guards on patrol around the prison. When the guard wasn’t looking, I decided to run for the ladder up to the watch tower. I got to the ladder and crept up it slowly making sure no one could hear me. I got to the top of the wall and saw that no one was onĀ  it so I scuttled across the wall and into the watch tower where I grabbed the light and shone it into the guard’s eyes below. The light blinded him so I sprinted as fast as I could down the ladder to the main gate and hot wired a police car and then drove as fast as I could.