Bruno was a normal nine year old boy playing with his best friends Karl, Martin and Daniel. When he zoomed into his house, he spotted his family maid Maria making the beds and there were five men taking down pieces of furniture and putting them into a van. Bruno was told by his mother Elsa that his father had got a promotion so they were moving to a house near his father’s work. Bruno was very sad. He kept on complaining that he didn’t want to move and that this house was the best and he would have to say good by to his three best friends. He didn’t want to go and that was that. But Gretel, his annoying old sister, was a hopeless case. She kept on  complaining that she didn’t want to as well but the next day everything was packed and they left. Everybody waved as they left. Bruno had a great big tear in his eyes when he left. After a long 6 hours they arrived. Bruno  was amazed at the new house. He quickly  raced in and explored the building. He got the room with the great big window. He really liked the new house. Just then he spotted a boy sitting alone on a farm with his father .Bruno ran out the door to make friends with this boy and his father. After 20 minutes he arrived the boys name was Shmuel and the fathers name was Pavel. They wanted Bruno to dig a hole so could get out. When the  other farmers saw the big hole, they got out and Bruno thought he had done something brillliant. From that day Shmuel was Bruno’s best friend .The  end