The Fight by Noel week 6

The night had come. The fight had come. BATH Breht was fighting The Orange Fighter. Bath Breaht leaped clumsily onto the stage. The Orange Fighter ran onto the stage showing off his horrendous dance moves. One person in the audience threw a squished rotten banana at him staining his perfectly pressed orange jumpsuit. When the fight was over the referee called the two fighters together to shake hands but  instead Bath Breahd started dancing in front of The Orange Fighter. A person in the audience threw a size 5 Adidas trainer and knocked him clean out. That was the end of our fighting experience.

One thought on “The Fight by Noel week 6”

  1. Hi Noel,
    Well done on your 100 Word Challenge. I found it really entertaining and you also weaved the piece together really well. I love the way your first two sentences rhymed, that was a really effective way to start off and marked your piece out immediately as good quality.
    Keep up the great work!
    Ciara (Team 100)

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