It was the 19th of April 2018 and me and my Mother were visiting my Fathers grave. He had died in a car crash. We were putting some crimson roses on his grave when we heard somebody scream.

We ran frantically over to the person and she said a man had taken her handbag. I then spotted the robber getting into his car and I shouted get back here but he just drove off. Suddenly the grave yard became very misty and foggy. I heard somebody open something. Then the fog cleared off and then I spotted dad …but he was not human…………

2 thoughts on “THE GRAVE YARD by William”

  1. Wow this story is amazing!
    I love it so much 🙂
    *Lots of good adjectives.
    *Great vocabulary.
    Well done!

  2. Hi William,

    I love your peace and I though it was so cool because my class at Richmond in Illinois made up the words! but one thing you might want to work on is boding the word you had to have in the story but I love the story so much

    from Isabella in Illinois

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