The Haunted House By Cillian Week 17

“Help!” screamed the girl. Johanna, an ordinary girl, was after fleeing from her home situated in the small town of Hawkins. Eventually they caught up with her, she was doomed! They began to ask her questions but she was very reluctant. Then they said something that hit very close to home they promised that she would see her family again if she just cooperated. She agreed and told them everything.  After the interview her dad came in and told her the tragic news about her mother. He said: “She just disappeared.” Johanna wondered to herself saying: “But how could she just disappear?”

One thought on “The Haunted House By Cillian Week 17”

  1. Ooooh, I really loved the mystery in your story, Cillian. I also liked how you left a clue in your title, ‘The Haunted House’, although you didn’t give away the answer to how Johanna’s mother disappeared.

    Well done on your use of speech marks too.

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