The Red Eyed Technician by Alex

As we clambered down the ladder, we saw the robot but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Someone has all ready been here,” I told Jimmy.

Then we saw him at the far corner. He was a technician. He turned around and his eyes went red. Was he manufacturing  more robots? He stopped what he was doing and ran into the shadows. We ran after him but there was a vault door locked from the other side. All of a sudden all the robots turned on and looked at us. Were they robots or zombies?

4 thoughts on “The Red Eyed Technician by Alex”

  1. That’s quite a story 🙂 so the technician was a robot too? Because the reed eyes would indicate that, I have a lot of questions who’s Jimmy?, Who’s the technician? Most of my questions start with who.

    Anyway great work.

  2. Hi Alex,
    Well done on your writing!
    I loved your idea and the way you built suspense. Who was the technician? Who were the robots? Are the robots evil? Why were you there?
    As a reader, I love being left with these kinds of questions on a 100wc as that shows great skill on your part.
    Fantastic work, keep it up!

    Ciara (Team 100)

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