The Runaways Kanturk Arts Festival By Jack

The Runaways


Jack McSweeney

“Anne ,C’mon , we’ve to go!”

It was the year 1892 and  Seán was speaking. He had sneaked in through the window to wake her. Today was the day they were going to escape. They had paid £1000 to a crew of brigands.

Anne and Seán had lost their parents in a storm when they were younger. They then got sent to different homes and they’d lived apart since. But they sometimes sneaked out and played. They lived 1 mile apart so they constructed a tree house halfway between them.

Seán had spotted the brigands when he was herding his stepfather’s sheep. He told them he would pay £1000 to take them away from that desolate lonely place. He took the money out of the bank his stepfather owned. Seán’s stepfather was very wealthy so he wouldn’t notice any money missing since there were no devices to count the money.

They’d planned to meet at the treehouse but that hadn’t gone according to plan. Seán had had to trudge through the muddy terrain to Anne’s house.

“Seán, why are you here?” mumbled Anne.

“We have to go, remember?” he whispered.

It was like something in her brain clicked. She grabbed her things and pulled on some clothes.

“Um, Anne, those are summer clothes,” he pointed out.

There was a violent storm booming outside. He had brought a suitcase so they put their things in it.

They were on the verge of a cliff when a vast vessel emerged from the  thick mist. Seán had only noticed it because a flash of lightning had highlighted its shape and size… and the T on its sail. It was only now they realised who the ship belonged to: Teresa Mhaol, a descendant of the famous brigand Gráinne Mhaol. He heard his sister whimpering. There was no going back now.