The School By Charlie wk. 22

Jack munched the rather poor-quality vinegar-loaded chips. The vinegar was too sharp which caused a harsh sensation in his mouth. He threw the bag in the bin and complained to himself, “That was not very nice.” He headed off to school. He noticed something rather odd when he arrived but he just carried on. He scrambled up the stairs and headed inside. He noticed something eerie. Usually all the children would be shouting and talking but that wasn’t the case here. He walked inside and heard the door slam. The lights went out and Jack’s heart started racing. He stood as still as a statue until he saw the shadow of some figureĀ  behind him…

One thought on “The School By Charlie wk. 22”

  1. When Jack started with the chips I did not expect this to be a horror story! Well done for leaving a suspension at the end! I would really want to know what happens afterwards!

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