The Siege Of Jadotville By Cillian Week 16

Hello, my name is Pat Quinlan. I am the Captain of B Company for the Irish Army on a peacekeeping trip to Central Africa. Us Irish, Indian and Swedish forces have been chosen by the U.N to tackle the issues in Jadotville at the moment. You see they have a new Prime Minister and he is mad.

The Arrival

We arrived there and set up camp at an abandoned petrol station in practically the middle of nowhere. Although I am the Captain, this is my first time overseas.

The Battle

The light blinded him but suddenly Tommy shouted, “Hostiles incoming! Take point.”

We all took our positions and waited for the enemies to push. They did and they had way more fire and man power but the Irish forces held them off for a number of days. When they arrived home they got no credit for what they had done.