The Star Gazer By Jack Week #5

This is the story of a man who, in pursuit of his dream, got the name “The Star Gazer.”

He heard the cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning at half past seven. Wait? HALF PAST SEVEN! He got out of bed and got dressed as quickly as he could.

He was already late for his lesson with Miss… he didn’t think she had a name, everyone just called her Miss.

He was on his way to the secret place where she taught him when bang! crackle! pop! He heard a noise. He looked up. Oh no! Miss had warned him about this. He shouldn’t have looked up. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was looking straight at what looked like a cloud but it wasn’t. It was an evil spirit that would bind him to the place for all eternity. His body would freeze but his mind would still be operational. The thing that froze him was moving. He had no doubt it would go after Miss next…